Could the ever lazy media please try to get it right for a change? MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and the graphics keep referring to St. John’s, USVI.  There is no such place.  It’s ST. JOHN, USVI.  Got it?  ST. JOHN, USVI.

St. John’s is on another non-American island. MSNBC is basically asking people to send donations down island.

Please MSNBC, CORRECT YOUR ERROR.  Obviously you know nothing about the Caribbean.  And BTW, stop pushing for the non-American islands’ needs.  Let their own countries take care of them.

For once in your lives, try to think about your fellow Americans first.  Starting with ST. JOHN USVI.  Get it right!

It’s ST. JOHN, USVI, not St. John’s.


Floridians Had to Be Told Not to Shoot at Hurricane Irma

No kidding!  In an indirect homage–of sorts–to Florida’s relentlessly trigger-happy populace, one sheriff has asked Floridians not to shoot at Hurricane Irma.

Now, even in New York no one’s ever had to advise New Yorkers, as far as
I know, not to shoot at a storm. It’s just not done in sane, uh, polite,
company. But in Florida it requires PSAs advising the citizenry not to shoot
at the hurricane!

That just says it all.

St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix, PR Fingers Crossed for all of You Fellow Americans

A Cat 5 hurricane, Irma, is bearing down on people and places I love and it’s weighing on my mind. Especially St. John–Love City–such a tiny place, for such a big storm.  And, Borinquen–con Madre de Dios.  Y Jesu, too, of course.
Hispaniola, Cuba, then Fla.

It’s gonna be a long week.

This is really scary.  The models all seem to include where I am.  I’ve been through a Cat 5.  It’s not an experience I’d recommend.



Here’s Something Mr. Trump IS Right About; NAFTA

Not sure how that played out elsewhere but in Florida it was a real blow to
farmers.  There’s no way they can comply with mandated environmental, wage, and worker, protections and still compete with Mexico, which doesn’t have the same costly rules, at least not functionally .  So NAFTA put a lot of tomato (and other winter vegetable) farmers out of business.

Which effect led what was once raw, but tilled, land to be turned into miles
and miles and miles of cookie cutter shopping centers, homes and
apartments. Which turned the land into something that will never again
harbor any life forms except domesticated animals, humans, microbes,
insects, fish, snakes, rats and feral cats and dogs. Or as it is said, the land
“has been improved”.

That’s what NAFTA did for Florida.

Yeay.  Free trade. Sort of.

So, to give credit where it’s due, Mr. Trump is on the money about what a
bad deal NAFTA was, at least for both farmers and workers where I’m from.

However, vis à vis  NAFTA Mr. Trump doesn’t mention the fact
that NAFTA was a GOP deal. George W. Bush’s chief NAFTA negotiator
was Carla Hills. She was given a big prize by the Mexican government for
her role in helping to conclude the agreement. President G. W. Bush doesn’t
mention it much either.

There was an earlier bad Bush trade deal. It was negotiated by George H W
Bush’s trade rep, Carla Hills. Uh huh, the same Carla Hills. It was the
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT; Uruguay Round).
Nobody seems to mention that either.

It’s not like the democrats have been real barn-burners at negotiating practical trade deals that don’t harm workers either.  The difference is, I think, that the GOP knows better.  Not so sure if that’s true of dems.

Anyway, NAFTA, GATT, GOP, Carla Hills.

Look it up.

(Still not as bad as Hillary taking credit for CHIP when all she did was advocate for it.  She was one among many, many activists, legislators, civil servants,etc, who did.  They didn’t take credit for it.  She did.)

Look it up.

Goat Blood Drinking, Pagan, Ex-attorney, Current Fla. GOP Senate Candidate Penned Manifesto, “The Charlottesville Statement”

When you’re a real Floridian–not someone who came here from someplace else–and see something like the Charlottesville riots, you naturally think, “OK, where’s the Florida connection?”.  Because you just know that’s the kind of insanity that draws faux Floridians like a magnet.

I think because of our climate, every whackjob who would normally wind
up living under a bridge or overpass, comes to Florida.  Because in Florida
people who live under bridges and overpasses don’t have to worry about
freezing to death.  That’s why we get all these goofballs who’ve made our
state’s reputation a punchline.

Of course it wasn’t long before we learned what the Florida link was.  And
it is oh-so-quintessentially Florida.

We discover from newspaper articles that, according to famed racist Richard
Spencer, it is none other than a goat blood drinking pagan Orlando former attorney, and current Florida GOP Senate candidate who penned the first draft of the altRightk nazis’ and KKK’s road map for mayhem, the manifesto “The Charlottesville Statement”.   His name is Augustus Invictus.  Well, his real name is actually something Gillespie but, apparently that wasn’t dramatic enough for a goat blood drinking pagan with political aspirations.

A snappy headline and lead paragraph from the Orlando Sentinel captures the

“Goat blood-drinking Charlottesville speaker from Orlando announces GOP
run for Senate”

…Augustus Invictus, the former Orlando attorney listed as a
speaker at the Aug. 12 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville,
Va., has announced he is running again for U.S. Senate in
Florida, this time as a Republican. …

Yes, this is his second run for a senate nomination.  That Orlando Sentinel article has a link to another intriguing item in the Tampa Bay Times.

“White nationalists find hero in Augustus Invictus, killer of goats”

The aforementioned goat blood drinking GOP candidate/Charlottesville
speaker ran against Marco Rubio in 2016 and only garnered 1063 votes. But he lost by only about 50 votes in the Libertarian Party primary that time. (Yes there are, in fact, more than 1,000 voters who cast ballots for a goat blood drinking pagan in my poor, poor pitiful home state.)

I think his new party, the GOP, is a much better fit.

The Miami Herald weighed in on Mr. Invictus as well.
“Goat-blood-drinking ex-Florida senate candidate headlined Charlottesville

Does the altRight know who this guy is?  Uhhh, aren’t most of them
Christians?  (Yeah, we all know what a violent hate-monger Jesus was, right?  No, that would be altRight.)

Why is it none of this surprising?  Appalling, yes, surprising, no.

And, of course, like most of the undesirables taking up space here in
Florida, the goat blood drinking GOP candidate is not from Florida.  He’s
from Ohio, a state in which the KKK has deep roots.

Ohio, would you please send someone to fetch your native son back home?

Confederate Statues Solution

One word. Pigeons.

Put all the statues outside in publicly owned spaces, with tall fences around them and “no trespassing” signs to prevent vandalism.  Don’t maintain them, don’t burnish them.

Then let the pigeons make their political statement about these glorious “leaders”.



Steve Bannon’s Channeling Barney Fife of Mayberry

Every time I see Steve Bannon’s image on TV I get this inner vision of Barney
Fife, clumsily getting his bullet out of his pocket and fumbling with his gun.

Instead of manliness, Bannon’s twitchy ranting channels Barney Fife from Mayberry.  For those who’ve never seen seen the TV series or its reruns, Deputy Sheriff Barney was so jumpy and nervously inept he was always discharging his firearm accidentally.  So the sheriff only allowed him to have one bullet, and Barney had to keep it in his shirt pocket as a matter of public safety.  Barney’s amusing swaggering and faux macho posturing, especially in innocuous situations which entailed no threat whatsoever, fit classic Bannon psychodrama.

Obviously Steve Bannon’s a legend in his own mind. His sour grapes rant
after being fired was hilarious.  Honestly, did he really say “I’ve got my
hands are on my old weapons”? Surely he didn’t say that the Trump
presidency is over just because he got fired. Did he?  Tell me no.

What about “I will crush the opposition.”  Who is the opposition, anyway?
The American people who don’t want to be nazis or KKK members?

How did the people who hail Bannon as a “populist hero” (oh, brother) miss the part where Bannon said they were a “bunch of clowns”?     That means his peeps are de facto not exactly alpha male material.  (People who would bow and scrape to a grubby guy who calls them clowns seem more like a bunch of self loathing masochists.)

Barney never realized that he was a joke and I suspect Bannon doesn’t
either.  He probably isn’t getting it that he’s just a fat, grumpy old white guy whose sole claim to fame is that he’s the wealthy Mercer family’s bought-and-paid-for media whore/butt boy. (To borrow a phrase from Don Imus.)

Yep, ol’ Barney, uh, I mean Bannon, is gonna take the macho machine he
built, rev it up and take it on the road.  Uh huh.  Snicker, snicker.

Wake up girlie man. You’re just a narrow-minded old gossip who, like most gossips, deliberately appeals to folks’ worst instincts.  That’s not genius, and it’s not strategy either.  Sliming people and saying mean things is not strategy.  It’s tactics–and not good ones either.