RIP Bush 41; a Rarity–Brave Man, Great American, True Gentleman

George Herbert Walker Bush was all that and more.

So kind, decent, humble, self-effacing and well-mannered was this man that some dumbasses called him a wimp. Yeah, right–he was a “wimp” who joined the Navy at 18 and became the youngest naval aviator of World War II.  He was a “wimp” who flew dozens of combat missions.

He held steady as his WWII bomber was going down, waiting to the last second to ditch–because he had not yet completed his mission.

He was a great jock, leading his college team to win the world series of college baseball.

Despite being born to just about every form of privilege a man could have, he humbly served others.  He was a quiet leader who inspired great loyalty, leading by example not intimidation.

Don’t weep for him, he has been released from infirmity. Weep for us, his countrymen, who will not see his like again. And in times like these, that is a sore, sore lack for us and our country.

He has left us a better world than that into which he was born.

What would Jesus say?  “Come on in George.  Welcome aboard.  You’re getting a promotion.”


How to Live Like a High-Priced Palm Beach Mistress

Here’s a logistical template for any Palm Beach mistress wannabes out there.  This is how it’s done.  (Well, not always, but in this instance anyway, this is how it was done.)

Some years back I had an acquaintance who was the mistress of a European gazillionaire. (Such women as she can’t really afford the luxury of friends in that cutthroat milieu.)  He was, of course, a lot older than she.  Twice her age, in fact.

Once, she and her boyfriend were dining and drinking at a famed Palm Beach restaurant on Worth Avenue. Her boyfriend went to the bar for some reason and started buying champagne for an attractive blonde. His mistress got antsy and went to retrieve him. He resisted. She told him it was time to come back to the table. He did not comply quickly enough.

So she grabbed him by his hair, spun him around on the bar stool and decked him with a single punch.  She was only protecting her turf.

Her advice to me?

“When you want to get a balding man’s attention, grab his hair.”

Words to live by. I guess.

One day this woman picked me up at the airport in the Mercedes her boyfriend had purchased for her.  (It was only a “C” class though, so he couldn’t have been totally in love with her at the time.)  On the way home she was just bubbling over with happiness because, she said, she’d inherited a bunch of really high quality jewelry.   I’d never seen her so happy.

Well, turns out she hadn’t really inherited the jewels, her boyfriend had. His wife had committed suicide because he–a Catholic–wouldn’t give her a divorce despite the fact that he was living with his mistress in his oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach. That’s where the jewelry had come from–from the woman who’d killed herself because of the mistress.

Sound cold? Palm Beach mistresses don’t always have the luxury of morals, ethics and human emotions. As I said, it’s a cutthroat profession.

One day we were going for a walk on the beach. She giggled and said that the boyfriend had defaulted on a $120 million loan. I was aghast and pointed out that someone was going to have to absorb that loss. She giggled again and said that she was amazed that no one had come after them yet. (People can get pretty hot under the collar over $120 million.)

Something clicked.  I’d been getting mail addressed to her boyfriend at my business.  Suspicious, I looked up his company on the Florida corporations website.

He had listed my business address as his!  Visions of scary people with weapons. or the FBI, or worse, crashing through my office door—over the $120 million–with guns drawn or blazing danced in my head.   I’d seen not one penny of that money since I had no business ties to the couple.

I put a stop to that easily enough though.  Every piece of mail that arrived I sent back with “no such person” or “addressee unknown”.   That got the boyfriend in a lot of trouble.  Probably people he was dodging were pretty unhappy to learn that he wasn’t where they thought he was.

Palm Beach mistresses can get ya in a lot of trouble too, if you’re not paying attention.

This woman thought she was a lot smarter than she really was. But she was like a Svengali with the boyfriend.  She started taking over his business in fact, and began giving him financial advice.  Of course she had no education, no knowledge of finance, economics or the industry he was in, but she thought she didn’t need it because she was just soooo smart.

She was smart enough to get him to sign over all his assets to her–as a hedge against losing all of them because of the aforementioned $120 million default.  My advice to her was to leave him flat and cash out all his assets before he could move to recover them.

Then she got him to marry her.  They had a nice little fleet of Mercedes vehicles in the driveway, expensive Persian rugs on the floor, fine art, a pool, and all the bells and whistles in the kitchen.

First he lost the Palm Beach mansion and they had to move to a golf community.  Then he lost his business.  Then he lost the house in the golf community to foreclosure.

Then the couple got a nicer home in another country club community in a town where no one knew them.  How?  The closing documents included an affidavit from the husband that, although he had the same name as the one on their previous mortgage, he was not the same person.  I have little doubt about whose idea that was.

Now, the last I heard, she’s divorcing him.  He’s broke, really old, and has reached the end of his access to money in any significant sums.  She’s taken him for everything he had.  It’s obviously time for her to find a new mark, uh, boyfriend or husband.  She has to hurry though, because her looks are fading fast.

In all the time I knew her, she never had a job, never really worked a day in her life, had no money of her own other than the proceeds from the sale of her $68,000 condo on the mainland, and had no assets other than a beautiful face.

That was all she needed to live the high life in one of America’s most storied upscale communities for a long time.  Even after that, when they had to move from Palm Beach because he’d lost the mansion under hazy circumstances, she still lived high on the hog.

She’s still got some assets though–the jewelry, whatever she managed to stash away from the husband and his partners, a Mercedes, and her cold, cold heart.

Would Trump’s USA Ever Take Saudi Arabia, Steal Their Oil Fields?

Since we’ve already given up on democracy, would Trump go whole hog re: the Saudis?  Y’know, just declare Saudi Arabia a terrorist state/rogue nation, then invade and just take all their snazzy stuff, including their oil fields & refineries?  That would solve more than one problem for our always-self-interested, but not necessarily wrong, president.

First it would put an abrupt end to the Saudis’ recent threats to drive oil prices up to $150 per barrel, which, if carried out, would tank the president’s ratings. (Que lastima!)

Second, it would safeguard Jared Kushner, who doesn’t seem to realize that what happened to Jamal Khashoggi could happen to him as well.

Third it would reinvigorate Fox News’ sagging ratings. Remember their dandy visuals when Gen. Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf led USA forces in the quickie Gulf War?  There were no USA casualties either.   (Veni, vidi, vici;  he came, he saw, he conquered, and then he, very sensibly, left.)

The excuse could be that the Saudi Crown Prince reportedly imprisoned, tortured, extorted and murdered a bunch of the Saudi ruling family then expropriated all their stuff.  That makes the responsible parties terrorists, no?

Obviously I don’t have a grasp of the nuances of Middle East politics but I do understand some things.

For instance, power is not about fairness, it’s about power.  Period.  If you want it, take it. Of course democracy doesn’t work that way but the USA is barely clinging to democracy anymore anyway.

To digress, remember what Ronald Reagan did when Muammar Khaddafi over- reached and shot down a passenger jet? Reagan sent some of our awesome fighter jets screaming into the desert where they lobbed some rockets at Khaddafi’s residence. They missed him but unfortunately did kill one of his favorite concubines and their kids.

There wasn’t another peep out of Mr. Khaddaffi.

We have a lot more power than the Saudi Crown Prince.  He seems to feel free to let henchmen run wild and kidnap, torture, murder or whatever.  So that absolves the USA of having to stick to the niceties of civilized geopolitics, no?

Soooo–why hasn’t Trump done what Reagan did to Saddam Hussein?

I’m not suggesting he should actually do this, just wondering if he has considered it.

Who’s gonna complain?  Who’s gonna stop him?

Of course the kids, Eric and dumbass Donnie Jr., who are managing the president’s portfolio, knowing the war plans’ timing, could short oil stocks at the appropriate time to maximize gain. The president would make a bundle–a killing, so to speak.

The Trumps could wave the flag while stashing the cash in the Caymans. Very tidy and efficient, no?

Sound cynical? Trust me, Trump’s probably already thought about it. Or at least one or more of the kids has.

This would be a plausible Trumpian game plan–so Machiavellian–except for one thing.

If the USA took over Saudi Arabia, then Trump wouldn’t be able to exploit his Saudi connection after his term is up.  So there’d be nothing in it for Trump except a one time gain, albeit a substantial one.  He’d have to balance the advantages of the one time gain against the value of the Saudi connection to be exploited for years to come.

I’m not exactly sure how to do the math on all the possible variants of such market manipulation.   Trump probably doesn’t either.

Jared, can ya help him out here?  You seem pretty good at working the angles and crunching numbers.  Your daddy-in-law needs a good cost/benefit analysis.  Take the oilfields or exploit the Saudi relationship post-presidency?  You have Ivanka’s inheritance to consider here.

Oh, and keep in mind–Machiavelli wound up on the rack.


Trump Is Right to Close Border to Guatemalan Mob

Vis à vis the Guatemalan migrant mob storming the border near San Diego, my liberal friends are falling back on their default position on Central American immigration. “Oh, the poor, poor pitiful things, we must let them all in”.
My liberal friends don’t have the common sense of a five year old.  They seem to  believe that the good citizenship fairy waves her magic wand and turns everyone who crosses our borders into saintly and desirable citizens.   They’ve probably  never even met a Guatemalan/Mayan (most of the Guatemalans I dealt with were Mayans) migrant in their lives.

I have–lots of them.  I had a job providing various social services to the poor in a rural ghetto in a very poor farming community.  I dealt one on one with many Guatemalan migrants. There were tons of them in that community.  I had to provide services for them if they qualified on paper, despite the fact that most of them had fraudulent green cards, all from Nogales, AZ.   I wasn’t allowed to verify the authenticity of the green cards.

They were disgusting. There was not one I met whom I would voluntarily let into my country. Many, many of my Guatemalan clients were alcoholics.  Yeah, just what we need.  It’s not like we don’t have enough of our own to deal with.

The men  beat the women and children, the women neglected the children.   What else would one expect–they come from a violent and unruly country where life is very cheap indeed.  They all had their hand out, and the Catholic nuns in that community, who rarely provided any social services at all to USA Americans, made little pets out of the Guatemalans.  They fell all over themselves  providing services and material goods for the foreigners, but, North Americans?  No way!

The Guatemalans expected everyone to provide them with whatever they wanted.  They demanded it.  Once I gave a Guatemalan woman a ride. Upon reaching my destination, the woman refused to get out of the car, insisting I had to take her where she wanted to go.  So I drove to the Sheriff’s substation.   The deputies got her out in no time flat.  They were allowed to verify her green card–which was fraudulent as I’d suspected.

Now, I draw the line at providing taxi service for anyone, including foreigners illegally in my country.

One time I had to fire an immigrant manager for selling slots on a waiting list for social services.

One of the Catholic nuns–who did nothing for the local Black citizens–then came to my office and threatened me.  (Everyone was scared to death to cross them–the nuns were quite ruthless.)  She said if I didn’t re-hire the woman she’d have her clients demonstrate in front of my office, which was right in the heart of a very, very poor black community.

I told her to go ahead but to keep in mind that my clients would be there too.  I also reminded her that folks from my client base slit Guatemalans’ throats just for lunch money or pocket change.  No kidding.  Throat slitting was commonplace there–it was rarely reported in the newspapers.  No one was ever even arrested for it.

Yeah, it was a pretty rough neighborhood.  I got along fine with the locals though–I was the only white person providing  social services with an office in the neighborhood.  I never screwed anyone over and made a full faith effort to help whomever qualified.  I had a special fondness for my Black clients who were pretty damn chipper despite having enormous challenges to negotiate.  I saw no reason why they should take a back seat to foreigners in the country illegally.

This was in a community that ran the Lutheran Social Services folks right the hell out of town.  They were scared of my clients.  But I never had a problem there.  It was actually the white people who gave me a hard time–because i was a “n—er lover”.

Soooo, while I agree with our feckless president about very little anymore, he’s right on this immigration issue.  Whatever the bleeding hearts say, we should have the right to decide who gets to live in our country.  And those decisions should be made based upon practical, empirically verifiable requirements.  (But that whole ripping children from their mothers’ arms thing is way too draconian–that is monstrous.)

“Catch and detain” until verification of status seems practical to me.   Y’know–stranger danger.   We teach it to children, starting in kindergarten.  Maybe we should teach it to grown-ups and liberal politicians.

It is our country after all.  For the moment.

My liberal friends think I’m a post-modern dinosaur.

They’re right.

DeSantis Says He IS Trump. Sooo, He’s Pro Pussy Grabbing?

Is GOP candidate for Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, also for welshing on bets as Trump did recently when Elizabeth Warren called his bluff over a Trump-promised $1,000,000 charitable donation if she had Native American DNA?

Is DeSantis all in for sexual assault as Trump said he is, in the infamous Billy Bush interview tape?  Does he feel free to just start kissing beautiful women, whether they wish it or not?

Has DeSantis ever had secret meetings with Eric Prince in the Seychelles?   Oh, wait, skip that.  That was a different Donald Trump wasn’t it?

Does DeSantis ridicule women who work as housekeepers in the hospitality industry?  Does he make fun of them for not meeting his, or Trump’s, petit bourgeois notion of what a woman should look like?

If elected does DeSantis promise to pack on an additional 100 lbs over his fit-bit target weight, as his hero so conspicuously jiggles for the cameras daily?

Has DeSantis cheated on multiple spouses as Trump pater demonstrably has?

Has DeSantis ever watched Russian hookers pee, regardless of whether it was on a bed Obama slept in or not?

Is DeSantis a  pathological liar as his idol seems to be?

Is DeSantis the wastrel scion of an indulgent daddy who gave him $400 million which he pissed away?

How many times has DeSantis declared bankruptcy, as Trump has?  (Uhh, isn’t that like buying stuff and not paying for it, or what we normal humans refer to as “stealing”?)

Has DeSantis ever been a professional hate-monger as Trump is?  Is he pro-violence against those with whom he disagrees?  Does he think Rep. Gianforte body-slamming a guy half his size is an exhibition of manliness?

Perhaps we should all examine this DeSantis = Trump hypothetical world a bit more closely.  What, exactly, does DeSantis = Trump really mean?

Hint–we’re not talking the Age of Chivalry here.

Seriously Texas? Grandpa Munster/Cruz Over Gary Cooper/O’Rourke?

Say it ain’t so, Texas. Ya wouldn’t really do that to us would ya?

It’s a surreal curiosity that Texas, which has in the past been adamantly, like, “Texans for Texas and Texas for Texans” (aka “Don’t Mess With Texas”) now, all of a sudden, seems to be taking orders from a loudmouthed New Yorker.

Just because that yankee, Trump, starts braying that a Canadian Grandpa Munster look-alike–one Trump previously excoriated as virtual scum–is now the US Senate candidate whom Texans are supposed to get in line for and salute, will they?  Seriously?

Will they do it? Will the most xenophobic, uh, unconventional, of states–wait a minute, that’s Florida, forget the comparison–take its marching orders from a dang New Yorker?

Beto O’Rourke is a ‘real Texan,’ as the  nativists would say; bred and born.  And jeez, he looks like Gary Cooper; a quintessential tall, lanky cowboy.

And he’s one who went to Columbia and studied English literature.      Ooh, wait again.  That sounds vaguely commie, no?  Possibly not in these nuanced political times.  Let’s just skip over that unfortunate empirical fact and chalk it up to a not-atypical tendency of youngsters to have lapses in judgment.

On the other hand, Ted Cruz was born in Canada! Home of  those masters of flatulence, Terence and Philip!

Where is the choice here?  A young Gary Cooper v. some phony old fart from the country of the world’s most famous farting duo?

Can sometimes-glamorous Texas really be considering giving us all another dose, uh, term, of the über inauthentic Ted Cruz mouth-farting* for six more years, instead of a young Gary Cooper, aka super earnest, telegenic, and certifiably adorabale, Beto O’Rourke?  Will Texans really do that to us all just because a New Yorker–who heinously once said that  Mr. Munster’s dad helped assassinate JFK–says so?

Oh, BTW, liberals, most everyone agrees with Trump about immigration and trade deals.  Well except for that whole rip-babies-from-their-mothers’-arms thing, that is.  Even in Florida lots of people think that‘s not okay.

The caravan’s still no danger to us.  It’s just an adjunct to typical labor supply and demand logistics here in sunny Florida.  Jeez, way more than 3,000 illegal immigrants flood Florida annually; possibly weekly or monthly.

Go to Mar-a-Lago and take a survey of how many workers there are from the USA.  Oh, wait.  You probably wouldn’t be allowed to do that.  To do that ya gotta cough up the money for a charity dining experience.  Yeah, tax exempt organizations–i.e. those subsidized by USA taxpayers’ forgiveness of taxes that would otherwise be due–get lunch or dinner at Mar-a-Lago for their donors.   For a price, that is.  Hey, it’s for charity, right?  No moral or ethical lapses there.  Right?

End days near, news at 11.

*mouth-farting; when what is expelled from a mouth should actually be emitted from an ass

There Will Be No Sanctions for Kashoggi Murder

Come on! There will be no punishment from Trump for the Kashoggi
murder. Grow up! My belief is that the Saudis probably ran it by Trump in
the first place–to make sure no sanctions would result. I think Trump
would be positively ecstatic at the prospect of a reporter being brutally
murdered–especially one who wrote for the Washington Post.

Trump hates reporters. The Washington Post criticizes him. He’s great
buddies with the Saudis. They give him money, which he loves more than
life itself. Remember how they gave him a snazzy gold necklace? (Not that
he’d know the difference between gold and gilt.) Do the math people.

And the GOP Senators and House Representatives would never pull their snouts out of the trough long enough to give it a moment’s thought. Besides, their backbones are as flaccid a their ancient withered dicks.

I think Trump would be thrilled at the prospect of covering for a reporter’s
murderers, and more than happy to oblige.

Again–grow up people! There will be no sanctions from Trump for Saudis if they are proven to be responsible for Kashoggi’s murder. Aside from his natural
bully-boy mentality, Trump’s way too chicken to stand up to his ruthless
chums, even if he wanted to. Which he demonstrably does not.

Of course I could be wrong.