Uh, is this a parallel universe

Frequently the question “Am I getting this straight?” comes to mind. It often happens when I’m reading the news or watching the news channels on TV. What I’m seeing seems so completely divorced from my existential reality that it often seems as if I’ve missed something. Some memo that everyone else got that enables them to make sense of what seems to me to be dysfunction at best and insanity at least. What, exactly was the sequence of events and logic which led to a particular event, decision. law, you name it. I add it up and the answer never seems to be the same as what I’m seeing in print and on TV. So continuously I wonder, “Am I getting this straight?”

Start with the balanced budget amendment as mandated precursor to any budget. Ummm, doesn’t a constitutional amendment take awhile. Y’know, for the states to vote on it, public notice, blah, blah, blah. To impose that as a precursor to passing annual budgets seems, well, idiotic.

Everybody knows you have to have an annual budget. Everybody knows it takes years to pass a constitutional amendment. You can’t possibly accomplish the first mandate if you also mandate the second. And you don’t need the second to have a balanced budget, anyway, you can just balance a budget. So the expense in time and money of addressing this particular issue is, by definition, wasted. And that fulfills the mandate for fiscal responsibility.

Uhhh, am I getting this straight?


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