a plague on both their houses

Hey!  News media!  What exactly do you imagine your function to be?  Aside from purveying drivia (drivel + trivia)  to keep “we the rabble” distracted, at some point aren’t you expected to provide some accurate information?  Then d’ya mind getting on it?

I happened to see a discussion on a putative news channel about the big repub debate.  Andrea Mitchell pointed out another incident wherein Michelle Bachmann either blatantly lied or was stunningly ignorant of a very simple economic issue on which she is permitted to vote in the House. Bachmann, who’s been in congress for three terms, was complaining to an interviewer about what a mistake it was to raise the debt ceiling.  Bachmann said it was giving the president a “blank check” for two point something billion dollars.  The interviewer said, no, raising the debt ceiling was just to pay for obligations already incurred, not new expenses.  And don’t ya know that cow, looking all sincere and pious, said that was just not factual.  Looked right into the guy’s eyes (or
the general vicinity–she’s got a bit of a geo-spatial orientation problem) and either lied through her photogenic teeth or else demonstrated that she was ignorant as dirt.  She casually spit that misinformation out just like some old codger lazing on the porch spitting tobacco juice into a Yoo Hoo bottle. Either way, you’d think she wouldn’t get a pass on such behavior.  But nope.  The news media (at least that’s what they call themselves anyway) doesn’t mind a bit.

Even more infuriating, after pointing out the exchange to some guy who was part of Mitchell’s subsequent discussion about that interview, (presumably a news media type) Mitchell asked him (paraphrasing here) if Bachmann hadn’t erred.  The guy said, yeah, but it’s a lie that most republicans would agree with.  As if, somehow, that makes it okay.  And Mitchell just moved on as if it were no big deal.  Yeah, a presidential candidate either blatantly lied or else was ignorant as dirt about a pretty basic detail of how the government’s finances work, neither of which are a big plus in a national leader.  No biggie, right?

Say, Mitchell, Mitchell, the name sounds familiar.  Didn’t she used to be a journalist?  Had some funny looking husband who was always saying stuff that sounded like Peter Sellers in the movie “Being There”?  Well, anyway, she didn’t think enough of her viewers to pursue the issue.  Maybe she assumes we’re all dumb too.

And even more daunting to contemplate, now we are all going to have to listen to that phony blowhard, Rick Perry grandstanding over his piety and faux patriotism too.  He rails about government bailouts, wasteful spending, etc.  Can’t go two minutes without mouthing off about how awful it is.  He excoriated some amorphous (commie/socialist maybe?) group never actually identified, about the very notion of the stimulus, let alone the actual fact of it, which he represents as just about downright sinful.  .Did ya know he balanced the Texas budget?  Yaps about it all the time.  Guess how he did that?  Accepted $6 billion in federal stimulus funds.  Yep, we the people gave that hypocrite $6 billion of our hard-earned money and not only did he never even say thanks, he lambasted us for doing so.  Biting the hand that feeds you seems to be in these days.

Even worse, like many phonies who want something, Perry goes on and on about how holy he is.  Even had a flop of a pray-in.  (C’mon Ricky, show us your sanctimony!  Just a peek?)  He wasn’t quite as forthcoming about some of the evangelicals who were grandstanding, uh, I mean supporting, the event.  One of them has repeatedly said that the reason the Japanese stock market fell was because the emperor had sex with the Sun Goddess.  No I am not kidding, that joker really says that.  Another one swears that Oprah is a harbinger of  Armageddon.  (Oprah, you bad girl!)  There were others who espouse equally ludicrous positions.

And apparently these guys, collectively, are part of a new apostolic reformation, or at least that was reported last week.  No kidding. The one who thinks–or at least says–the Sun Goddess got it on with the Japanese emperor proclaims himself to be one of the new apostles. (What would Jesus say?)  Ummm, doesn’t that seem a bit presumptuous?  Sure, people pad their resumes a bit, but…apostle?  Come on.  What seems amazing is that I haven’t seen or heard of any blow back from more traditional evangelicals, or other Christians.  Uh, isn’t that blasphemy to proclaim
oneself an apostle?  Besides, as a practical matter, last I heard all those positions had long since been filled.  Regardless, these are the people who are supporting Rick Perry and who pushed his pray-in.

Not enough to turn you queasy yet?  Try this?  Perry is on record as supporting secession.  Gee that last Civil War thing worked out so well for the South, why not revisit the issue?  A hundred years of being ground into the dirt, incredible economic hardship, not to mention all the blood that was spilled–yeah, let’s do it again!   Big fun!  But, wait a minute.   Isn’t calling for secession a treasonous act?  Or at least sedition?  Again, not really what most folks would consider prime presidential behavior.  Sure, let’s elect someone who is on record as wanting to destroy the Union.  Good plan, should work out just dandy for the rest of us.  What could go wrong?  Get on board and ride that train right off the rails.

And the news media, vis à vis Rick Perry?  Swooning and falling all over themselves to push his candidacy.  There’s only one person who’s even mentioned the merry band of new apostles he’s flaunting.   A handful mention the secession thing, but blow it off as inconsequential–a tiny flaw in an otherwise oh-so-telegenic candidacy.   He wouldn’t really do that, would he?  Famous last words.

And, BTW, I am neither a democrat or a fan of the democrats.  They turn my stomach as well.  But they just don’t seem quite as crazy, quite as vicious, or quite as dangerous to the rest of us as the republicans just now.  They certainly never got our credit rating downgraded as the antics of the terrorist freshman tea party congressmen did.   Man, just like the 19 jerks with the boxcutters who tanked our economy in 2001 (blew up our stuff, killed a bunch of our countrymen, remember?) these characters are having negative effects on all of us far out of proportion to their small but noisy numbers.  A teensy little bit of protoplasm gone awry and, boom, there we all are, having to take the consequences, possibly for years to come.

Who’s worse, the candidates or the nitwit media types who countenance the blatant lying, anti-Americanism and downright dangerous political plans of people who make no bones about wanting to destroy our government but still want to be in positions of power?  In keeping with the biblical genre of the presidential campaign…a plague on both their sorry-ass houses.


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