Correction & Apology

In my most recent post I referred to Stephen Colbert as “fact checker extraordinaire”.  That was wrong of me and I sincerely apologize to Mr. Colbert.  I should have said “fact non-checker extraordinaire”.  Mr. Colbert has made it quite clear on his show that he wishes in no way to be associated with facts.  I’ve seen his attorney on the show.  I’ve seen smiles like his attorney’s on other predators.  My fear is that the aforementioned attorney, Potter somebody or other, could easily  sink his fangs into my throat and rip out something useful, such as a carotid arterry.  Hence the apology.  I promise I  won’t ever again imply that Mr. Colbert is in any way a purveyor of fact-based information.

Please forgive any implication contained in my blog of 9/13/2011 that Mr. Colbert does, has, or may in the future, be associated in any way with “facts”.



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