Public Sector Productivity

This was originally posted in 2011 before the 2012 election.  Except for the part about Boehner whining last week (now there are different republicans whining about Obama) nothing’s changed.  Which is typical for the ossified GOP.

REPEAT:In case you missed the irony, Rep. Boehner was whining yesterday about President Obama.  (No, really, he was.  Hard to believe, huh?)  The irony is that he was slamming Obama because now, 14 months from election day, “is not the time for the President to go into campaign mode”.  Why is that ironic?  Ummm, wasn’t the GOP debate for presidential candidates last night?  So I guess it’s time for white people to be campaigning but not black people?  I get it.

Similarly, Michelle Obama got hammered for wearing diamond bracelets worth $42,000.  Doesn’t she know she’s supposed to be wearing a maid’s uniform–or at least that’s what republicans seem to think anyway.  Aside from the fact that Mrs. Obama borrowed the offending bracelets, was there even a peep about excessively expensive adornment during the 2008 campaign when elegant Cindy McCain appeared with about 300 grand worth of stuff–jewelry and clothing–dripping from her tiny body?  Well, that’s different.  She’s blonde.

Rush Limbaugh makes fun of Mrs. Obama too.  I think it’s payback for her obviously misguided attempts to address childhood obesity.  Rush is a big proponent of obesity.  And he leads by example.  None of that “do as I say, not as I do” for Mr. Limbaugh.  Hey, being fat works for him, he’s got a neato oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach and a pretty wife.  He’s just trying to make sure that Mrs. Obama doesn’t deprive some child an opportunity to mature from a fat kid into a tubby blowhard.  He’s also apparently a big supporter of the prescription drug industry, if old arrest records in Palm Beach County are any indication.  With all that public service it’s a wonder he still has the time to make a living as a professional hate monger.

Seems like the GOP would be happy to have Obama as President.  He does everything they want anyway.  Too bad for him that the medical know-how for a spine transplant is probably years in the future.  He could use one now.  He lets the GOP set the terms and topics for all public policy debate.  Forget jobs, the GOP wants to talk about the national debt and the deficit and the President obliges. Why on earth would the GOP want to replace him?   At the first sign of opposition from the folks he panders to–no, not his base, the GOP–he capitulates and grovels for their approval.  Here’s a tip, Mr. President.  In the words of George H.W. Bush, “Nah gohn happen”.

And who decides for the GOP which snazzy buzzwords and catch phrases to parrot ad infinitum?  Frank Luntz.  Did ya ever get a good look at that character?  Tell me he doesn’t sleep in a coffin filled with his native soil.  You’d think at least one or two of those republicans would have a thought of their own once in awhile but, nope, if it didn’t come from Frank Luntz it didn’t come out of a GOP mouth.

How about that supposed health care overhaul?  Looks like nothing more than a windfall for the insurance and health care industries from my point of view.  Now everyone will have to buy health insurance but there’s no public option which could apply real pressure to keep premiums down.  Yeah, pre-existing conditions are gonna be covered but there’s no limit to what can be charged to cover them.  And, for those who can’t afford insurance, when the bill kicks in, they’ll get fined for not having it.  So they still won’t have insurance, and it’ll cost them more.  Thanks, Congress.  Thanks Mr. President.  I guess.

And I heard someone from Congress complaining recently about the President not sending them a bill for something or other that they didn’t want to address in any case.  Ummm, they do realize, don’t they that it’s Congress’ job to create and pass bills?  You know, the legislative branch creates laws, the executive branch carries out the laws and the judicial branch interprets the laws.  Isn’t that 10th grade civics lore?  I guess I’m expecting too much from Congress.  Ya don’t expect them to actually work for those fat salaries and all that vacation down time do ya?  Although, given the quality of their “work” on the rare occasions when they make some feeble attempt at passing laws, maybe it is better if they just loaf all the time.

And speaking of Congress, I see where we’re back to the GOP members trying to shut the government down again.  C’mon guys, it’s been done to death.  Think of something original that’ll harm the country.  No, refusing to provide money for disaster relief doesn’t count.  Good plans, though.  That should help the economy.  Forget about all those crybabies who lost their homes, and all the public infrastructure gone in the storms, tornadoes, floods, fires, and the earthquake.  So what if about 80% of all the states have been dealt crushing economic blows due to natural disasters?  Suck it up, people.  Congress has more important things to do than provide for you and your communities to get back to business.  They’ve got symbolic votes to take.

Besides, they’ve got other important stuff to do.  They’re getting ready to go on vacation.  What?  Didn’t they just get back from vacation a month or so ago?  Just how much does it cost “we the rabble” to fund their collective extravagant lifestyles, symbolic votes and three martini lunches anyway, while refusing disaster relief to our own people?  I don’t recall hearing about Congress accomplishing anything since the last vacation.  The only thing they’ve spent any real time on in the past year was the debt ceiling grandstanding, and the insurance/healthcare industry windfall profits bill.  Hmm.  Maybe a despot would be cheaper after all.   No wonder they need a vacation.  What a workload!

Is it just me or do other people think we deserve better as well?

A couple of days ago I saw the former CEO of Verizon, an entitled old fart–who was, to borrow a phrase from Gore Vidal, “oozing self regard” from every pore–say that the purpose of democracy is to create wealth.  Excuse me?  And all this time I thought the purpose of democracy was to provide citizens with a means of self determination.  Y’know, so that decisions affecting everyone could be made collectively instead of by some short-fingered oligarch.

Lesson learned, eh?  Thanks for setting me straight.  That ex-Verizon CEO actually believes, apparently, that capitalism and democracy are synonymous.  How do such ignorant, stupid people manage to weasel their way into positions of such influence?  Oh, right.  Democracy.

Note: Thanks to the defunct Spy magazine, I believe it was, for suggesting the oligarch characterization years ago when it so cleverly observed that The Donald was a short-fingered vulgarian.


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