Nein, Nein, Nein!

Nein, Nein, Nein!  No, that’s not referring to Herman Cain’s ludicrous excuse for an economic plan.  It’d be better if he were talking about pizzas for the thrifty.  That, I could get behind 100%.  Yeah, I hear Mr. Cain’s perceived as a guy who balances his own checkbook, and he must have made a darn good pizza at one time as well, if his hefty checkbook is any measure of its excellence.  But I want someone who’s functioning at a lot higher level, intellectually, when it comes to running a complicated civil infrastructure for 310 million people.  That  nine, nine, nine economic plan is just plain fatuous.  And insultingly dumb.  As if Cain thinks we’re all too stupid to see that it’s a cute catchphrase but nothing close to good sense when it comes to the economics of our society.

Although it is better than not-rocket scientist and former senator, Rick Santorum’s suggestion that we just do away with corporate taxes altogether.  And then–what?  Probably let the citizen taxpayers subsidize all the infrastructure and civil service it takes to maintain a system which permits corporations to get their goods and services into the national and global marketplace without having to use private armies.  (Well, except for Halliburton.  Apparently whatever they do a private army is part of the zeitgeist.)  Yeah, taxpayers pay, corporations play.  Oh, wait.  That’s the system we already have.  Not change and not anything to believe in. 

 Nein, nein, nein!

Nope, when I say nein, nein, nein, what I’m referring to is the whole horror/freak show which the presidential election has become.  No!  Just stop right there!  If you don’t have something sensible to add to the public policy, how to govern effectively, debate, then I’m beggin’ you nutty pols, just shut up!  Zip it!  No mas!  Things are plenty bad enough without these troglodyte, overly simplistic proposals for how to fix the complicated Gordian knot of a problem which the combined collective economic and political affairs of the country has become.  Yeah, it’d be nice if all it took was a sharp sword to cut the knot.  But we do want the country to survive as a viable superpower, no?

It’s well known that Congress has an approval rating lower than spit (13% and falling, last time I heard).  And the public has made it more than clear that it is fed up with the cronyism and outright sale of our public officials to vested special interests.  So imagine my surprise when I saw on TV this morning some guy who’d written a column about how isolated from the good ol’ boy network the President is.  Yeah, why isn’t he down there with his snout in the trough wallowing in the slime like the rest of the pols?  Of course he does do a fair bit of it but at least he’s fastidiously holding his nose, as opposed to glorying in the sheer awfulness of the putrefaction as most politicians seem to be.

I believe it was Chuck Todd (who’s just gonna pop like a balloon one of these days from his ever inflating sense of self-importance) who was interviewing the columnist and who opined that this bit of fluff was somehow going to become recognized as a seminal moment in journalism.  Hey Chuck!  You’re no Tim Russert.   Anyway, the two self congratulating pundits–and I use that term loosely and scornfully– were scolding Obama for not “coddling his donors”.  What’s that supposed to mean?  It sounds like they think there’s something wrong with not paying donors back with political favors, which tend to get expensive for the citizens, in case anyone’s forgotten.  Yeah, why isn’t he rolling in the gutter with the people whose approval rating is three times lower than his?

Doesn’t “coddle his donors”?  Jeez, I could think of a ton of things to criticize about Obama, right off the top of my head, but not selling political favors isn’t on the list.  How about being spineless, how about caving in on the public option so that the healthcare bill was just a windfall profits bill for insurance and healthcare providers?  How about never fighting for the interests of the people who elected him and then having the colossal gall to tell people to “stop whining”?  How about constantly pandering to the republicans who hate his guts at the same time he’s kicking dirt on the people who had faith in him?  Man, what a weasel!  But at least a smart weasel.  Which is more than can be said for that bunch of goofballs on parade at the GOP debates.  Hard to believe that, out of 310 million people, this is what we come up with for candidates.  Sigh.

The only politicians I’ve seen in the past year who seem even nominally honest and concerned about the middle class are Sherrod Brown and good ol’ Bernie Sanders, bless his windmill tilting little heart.  Outside of that–bleah!  Crazy, venal, greedy, stupid, crooked, ignorant, febrile–none of ‘em are all those things, but all of ‘em are some of those things.  And that ain’t good for the rest of us.

To all of it I say–NEIN, NEIN, NEIN!


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