Although I’ve recently been uncomfortably ensconced in the world of taxpayer provided faux Florida history, the convenient location of my home and office still make it possible to watch birds and other wildlife.  The wildlife viewing has been spectacular recently.

A solitary ramble out to the end of the dock yielded an hour’s time spent watching some manatees lingering nearby.  There must be seagrass there since eating is their main occupation.

The wading birds have been abundant as usual.  But a rare possible sighting of a pair of whooping cranes crossing the river at dusk was the premier event.  They were already halfway across the water when I spotted them, but it was obvious they were white, and far bigger than any other white wading birds, larger even than the gray sandhill cranes.  The black wing tips mitigate in favor of them being whoopers as well.  Great egrets, which are the largest white birds normally seen in the vicinity, are much smaller than what I saw.  There is a flock of whooping cranes within a hundred miles or so, and I’ve actually made a positive identification of one I saw last year, although not in this area.  Osprey, wood storks, a peregrine falcon and other birds float past the sun room at eye level with some regularity, which creates a very happy-making visual field indeed.

The bobcats and coyotes have been displaced though, because some East Germans have scraped the earth bare of all the vegetation where they used to be spotted and where there was once abundant prey for the perpetually hungry critters.  The East Germans are putting in an RV park–a trailer park for transients–to supplant the zoned-for-conservation-in-perpetuity area’s wilderness.  That’s thanks to a compliant and comatose when it comes to environment, local government.  I assume they’re corrupt.  What isn’t in Florida?

A pair of great horned owls was seen scanning the desolation, opportunistically seeking prey amid the wreckage of what used to be habitat.  I heard one of them the next night, on the roof of my abode, hooting softly under a pale quarter moon.

The sky is rarely free these days of many avian species flitting, soaring, hunting, or just flying from one foraging opportunity to the next.  Yesterday’s big get was the sight of a pair of eagles lazily soaring in ever widening circles over the neighborhood.  They’ve lost their favorite roosting area, felled to the East Germans’ predatory site scraping.  Ya might have noticed, I’m not too happy with having some ex-commies ruining a wildlife  neighborhood, but jingoism is in style these days so I feel free to brand them with their former political system’s label.

A review of my paltry stats for the week show that two referrers were “needmentalhealthinfo.blogspot,com” and “mycardiology-insurance.info” which is somewhat mystifying.  As far as I know, no one from either of those venues knows of me so I’m really curious about how they came to be referred from those sites to my blog.  It’s as mysterious as the critters I see briefly pop into my visual field only to disappear beneath the water or flying out of sight, never to be seen again.

Frisky dolphins are often seen, and they’ve been gorging themselves lately.  These river dolphins travel miles upstream to the delight of everyone except fishermen, who see them as interlopers “stealing” their fish.

All in all, life may be going to hell in a handbasket but there are always interesting things to see here on the way down.


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