Went out to ride my bike this afternoon & just past the looking-for-the-gator place a bobcat walked right out of the woods in front of me.  It didn’t startle and walked along the side of a trail for a ways, looking back occasionally.  I just followed slowly, watching it for about ten minutes.  Then it walked into the woods so I headed for the spot where it left the trail and as I was walking along it passed through a dark shadowy section that was still clear enough of vegetation that I could see it as it passed.  It had doubled back to get past me.  It is amazing how stealthy these animals are.  It was walking through some palmettos and dry brush without making a sound.  Palmettos are almost impossible to walk through without making them crackle and rustle.  No human could do it.  It passed within 8′-10′ and there was no wind and not a sound except some squirrels chattering and I did not hear a sound from the bobcat. Not a whisper of sound did it make.

It was very, very thin and actually pretty tall, with very long legs.  I’m guessing the woods being stripped for the commies’ trailer park has adversely impacted the availability of prey.  But still, a great sighting.  Especially when it was so close.  Jeez it walked right out in front of my bike and then when it doubled back I could see it clearly.  In the dark woods it moved like a ghost!

At this time of year, while the migration of fish, birds and marine mammals is still going on, just watching all the wild things that pass leaves a sense that there is mystery all around.  It is as though this huge ambient volume of pure life is washing through.  It makes one’s consciousness feel as if it’s a semipermeable membrane in some cosmic osmotic process.  It feels like being part–a teensy, teensy little part–of something that is incredibly vast and complex and full of energy.  It feels good.


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