People, People, People

This was posted four or five years ago and, again, nothing much has changed.  Except if Lowes is pulling ads I haven’t heard about it.  (Because, I have control over my own remote so when ads come on I just click to something else.)

People, people, people, what are you thinking?  Why on earth is everyone letting people who have absolutely no authority tell them what to do?  Why, just because someone says to do something, don’t you at least ask, “Why should I?” or, better yet, say “Shove it.”?  And why, for heaven’s sake, do people who proclaim to have a deep faith in God, refuse to accept his greatest gift, a nifty cerebral cortex which is capable of critical analytical thought?  Seems like, if you really believed in God you would appreciate the stuff you think he gave you.  Especially your brain.  It’s meant to be a useful tool, not stuck on a shelf to molder.  It has higher functions than to keep your skull from collapsing.

When Grover Norquist–a total loser by any reasonable measure–tells politicians to pledge allegiance to him and they do it, why don’t you reject them as obviously unfit for public office?  They’re supposed to be pledged to the constitution and to looking out for your welfare.  Who appointed Norquist to anything?  No-buh-dee, that’s who.  He doesn’t have any right to tell anyone what to do but when he does, the losers who follow his orders shouldn’t be given your votes, they should be given a mandatory intelligence test.

When Rush Limbaugh, a professional hatemonger who didn’t even finish high school, calls his followers dittoheads–which is surely an expression of contempt for them–why do they grin and applaud?  They don’t need rants, they need assertiveness training.  Look at that fat rat bastard.  He’s a loser!  How can people not get that?  When he was loaded to the eyeballs on oxycontin and alcohol, wouldn’t that make his ravings suspect?  After all, those are hardly enhancers of any thought process, meaningful or not.  Yet tons of people not only love the ravings, even once they realized they’d been being dissed by an uneducated alcoholic junkie, they begged for more.  His reward for ignorant hate speech is an oceanfront mansion on Palm Beach, which, trust me, is a pretty good reward.  Plus he has a gazillion dollar contract for being a capering buffoon, the radio world’s equivalent of Zoolander–a one trick pony. Why is he rewarded for such paltry efforts?  What is the thought process there?  Follow whomever spews the loudest?  What?

The other day Lowe’s decided it didn’t want to pay to advertise a program about muslims.   From the response you’d have thought the corporate bosses had killed the baby Jesus.   Why should Lowe’s have to financially support a religion if it might cut into their corporate profits?  That’s their business.  It’s amazing how narrow minded the people who claim to be so liberal can be.  Melissa Harris Perry was howling about how it’s pure bigotry for Lowe’s not to wish to financially support proseltyzing for muslims.  No it’s not–it’s simple corporate self interest.  Their bottom line is the bottom line, lady,  not political correctness.

Does she even have a clue?  I believe anyone has the right to practice any religion they want, believe anything they wish.  And companies have the right to decide how they want to spend their advertising money.  And as far as the muslim religion goes, well, thanks all the same but I’d never buy into any organization which institutionalizes the subjugation of women.  Why would I?  My chromosomes are double X.   And guess what–I have the right to make that choice.  Does Ms. Perry even get it that the religion in question mandates that all muslim women have to have their genitals mutilated, among other things?  Not to be vulgar but, is Ms. Perry all that eager to give up her clitoris?  Thanks all the same, but, I’m keeping mine.  Does she even think about what women are subjected to if they are of the muslim faith?  No, she just gives a knee jerk, Skinnerian response.  A company made a financial decision not to support a particular religion.  That seems like a constitutionally guaranteed right, but, apparently anything which isn’t deemed politically correct requires howls of outrage.  Why?

And don’t call me a bigot, because I’m not.  I’m someone with enough self respect to stick up for me, act in my own self interest and not buy into ideas which are inimical to it.  And definitely don’t call me a bigot to my face because I’ll smack ya one for your temerity and impertinence.  That Irish name correctly implies some pretty aggressive DNA.  Save your epithets for more timid souls.  And, BTW, regarding anyone’s opinion of me or my ideas, let me just quote the adorable tykes from South Park.  “Don’t care.”

The hoo ha about Lowe’s advertising decision had its lighter moments though.  Mia Farrow told us all to boycott Lowe’s.  Mia Farrow?  A woman so dumb she didn’t even realize that her daughter was screwing her husband under her own roof?  A woman of such poor parenting skills that she raised a child with no more loyalty than to screw her mother’s husband.  Yeah, I’ll let Mia make my shopping decisions for me.  Sure.  Why would anyone listen to her about anything?  She’s an idiot.  Some guy named Russell Simmons also told us all not to shop at Lowe’s.  Who the heck is Russell Simmons?  And who appointed him arbiter of social behaviors for the rest of us?  Isn’t that Barbara Walters’ function?  What is it that makes these people think anyone should–or more to the point, would–listen to them?  Why?  Who, if anyone, cares what Mia Farrow, Melissa Harris Perry, Russell Simmons, or me for that matter, think?  Harris, Simmons and Farrow calling for a boycott is laughable.  Someone, please, give them the news.  They’re irrelevant.

People, people, people.  How about if, when somebody says to salute, don’t do it?  Ask why.  If there’s no good answer, salute with your middle finger and move on.


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