Bits and Pieces

Someone just has to tell the TV “news” people, enough with the minute to minute election coverage.  In 2008 it was like an incredibly exciting Breeder’s Cup horse race.  In 2012 it’s more like the pig races at the county fair where monkeys dressed up in little cowboy outfits serve as jockeys.  Jeez 24/7/365 coverage is soooo not warranted.  Yeah, yeah, there’s a lot at stake, and all this coverage only serves to remind us that we have no national leaders who are competent to do anything other than beg for money and yap interminably about fake issues while ignoring any of the serious problems confronting our country.

Despite the overkill, there was an interesting tidbit tucked away in all the news drivia (drivel + trivia) about candidate Mitt Romney though.  Bain Capital was started, in part, with seed money from Latin America.  Yeah they do that here in South Florida too.  Except here we call it money laundering.

Remember portly Newt Gingrich bitching about black people?  (“Demand a paycheck not food stamps.”)  Isn’t that a bit disingenuous?  Okay, hypocritical.  He’s out there every day beggin’ for donations–which BTW is NOT the same thing as working for a paycheck, it’s free money–while copping free meals from the faithful.  A few days ago there was something in the news about ol’ Newt having two campaign dinners and a luncheon in one day.  Yeah, he’s  stuffing his fat face with free food and castigating black people about food stamps.  Do as I say, not as I do, eh, Newt?  Take your own advice pal.  First go home and take a shower, wash those gravy stains off your chin then go get a job.  Cuz beggin’ for money is not a job, nor is selling bogus awards–as abundantly reported by Rachel Maddow and others–at $5,000 a pop.  Yeah, get a real job you hypocrite!

Thirty seconds or so of clips of the republican debate seemed oddly familiar.  Then it became clear.  The great comedy movie, “Dr. Strangelove” was on TV the other day.  These kooks in the republican field could have come straight from that script.  Rick Perry = George C. Scott.  Newt Gingrich = Dr. Strangelove as played by Peter Sellars.  Rick Santorum = Keenan Wynn.  Mitt Romney = the British colonel also played by Peter Sellars.  It was a hilarious movie but it’s kind of unsettling when the characters from it turn up running for president.

So, instead of watching the news, the other day I turned to an old cowboy movie, the one with Emilio Estevez as Billy the Kid.  But nooo, ya can’t just spend a couple of hours watching a shoot ‘em up, some genius had decided to insert “story notes” right into the movie.  Uh, isn’t the whole purpose of movies to create an alternate reality which draws the audience into the story?  The story notes were like having an annoying viewer in the row behind ya explaining every detail loudly while you’re just trying to get a little entertainment.  Totally ruins the show.

Moving on to another topic, we have some real dumb asses in Florida.  Some guy tried to bribe a cop with Dolphins tickets.  Seriously?  Isn’t the salient point of bribery to give something of value in return for illegal behavior?  Somehow I don’t see Dolphins tickets as much of an incentive.  Has anyone actually watched them play?  What idiot would risk jail time for bribery by so insulting a cop as to suggest that he’d roll over for Dolphins tickets?  Jeez!

Marines urinating on corpses?  Of course it’s not okay but wasn’t there a recent incident where an Afghan woman was brutally tortured, killed, skinned and her naked body thrown into the street?  And there’s no guarantee that she was skinned after being killed either.  Hamid Karzai is so offended by our Marines but was there a single peep out of him at this outrageous act?  No.  That’s different.  The victim was a woman.  That was perfectly okay with the Afghanis.  Shut up about our Marines.  Yes, it was an egregiously disrespectful act by them to piss on the bodies.  But we don’t know what those bodies had done to incur such behavior by our guys.  As far as I’m concerned, given what the Taliban do to women, they deserve no protection whatsoever.  The only reason to sanction our Marines is because they lower themselves by behaving this way but, make no mistake, in my book the Taliban deserve no respect.


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