Nominate Trump–to SCOTUS

There’s a very simple solution to getting a SCOTUS nominee confirmed Mr. President.  Just nominate Donald Trump.

Party hacks, uhhh, I mean, the establishment, on both sides of the aisle would jump at the chance to rid themselves of this outsider who’s threatening their petty fiefdoms.  Nothing unites career politicians like self-interest.  Even that knuckle-dragger Charles Grassly
would get off his nutty butt and get this thing moving in a New York minute.

The dems know in their feral little hearts that Trump can beat Hillary. The GOP (Grumpy Old People) faithful know that Trump can win and wouldn’t be beholden to them. And he has a track record of crushing people who get in his way.  After the way all of them have treated him, does anyone doubt that payback would be swift and terrible?  Woo
hoo, get out the popcorn and have a seat!   None of them can afford to have him as president.

So there you have it. A simple elegant solution that would make everyone happy.  “We the rabble” would have a full court with the ultimate swing vote. (Can anyone reliably predict how Trump would vote on any given issue?)   There’d be a quick and probably unanimous confirmation. Party hacks on both sides could go back to business as usual, i.e. feathering their own nests. Right wing yakkers such as Beck, Breitbart, Levin et. al. would have something new to complain about. And the president would be sticking it to all of them.

Seems like a win, win, win solution. What could possibly go wrong?









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