Go, Go, Johnny, Go–Away That Is; Get Lost Kasich

In the continuing GOP (Grumpy Old People) war on women, John Kasich has de-funded Planned Parenthood. Bold move or contemptible pandering?

Here’s a quote from his official website
“John R. Kasich was sworn in as Ohio’s 69th governor on January 10, 2011. In his inaugural address he called on Ohioans to come together to make the Buckeye State stronger and more prosperous for all.” (Italics added)

And how better to start the prosperity engine than to do away with free cancer screenings for women? Yeah, man, those women deserve cancer for the crime of felonious poverty, right Johnny boy? Let nature take its course and winnow the herd. If they didn’t want cancer they should’ve made more money, eh?

Besides, women are outliving men, creating an unfortunate majority for them in the electorate. What better way to begin whittling down that numerical advantage than to up the cancer rate for the ladies? Not to mention, one suspects, Johnny is assuming that most of the women he’s just doomed aren’t republicans anyway. Republicans would have sufficient cash to pay for their own cancer (and STD, HPV, etc.) screenings, right?

Yeay! Another record low for the lowest of the low, elected politicians. Yippee, a new record! We’re number one, we’re number one! That’s a good thing, right?

What would Jesus say, o sanctimonious party of misogyny? I think, in this instance, it might be “Cut it out you weasels. I had a Mom!”


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