Whose Fault Was Trump’s Win? Hillary and Clueless Dems

This is what I had to say about the inevitability of Hillary nine months or so ago.

Party Hacks to Voters–Sit Down and Shut Up; WE Say Hillary’s the One

Let’s see, the Iowa democratic caucuses were incredibly close, then Bernie Sanders crushed Clinton in New Hampshire, then the Nevada dem contest was also close.  The delegate totals reported 2/24/16 are Bernie 51, Hillary 52.  So how is it that I’ve seen that Clinton has 497 delegates and Sanders has 51? Is that the old “new math” that was all the rage a few decades ago?

Oh, right. The tired old dem party hacks have decreed Clinton the inevitable choice. Again.  Looks like he fix is in. Sit down and shut up, voters.  There is no “choice”.   There is no choice.  Got it?  Get it?  Get used to it!

But of course, Hillary does have a dynamic, riveting message.  She’s electable. And she doesn’t have a penis (and may even have a double XX chromosome).  Wow, that’s enough for me.  And of course, as always, the vast right wing conspiracy is still pickin’ on her and poor, poor, innocent Bill.  Who, BTW, has trotted out that shriveled old forefinger of his and is just a shakin’ it at us  again.  Hmmm, where have I seen that before?  Oh, right.  “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.  Ms. Lewinsky.”  Lookin’ us all right in the eye and lying without so much as a blink.  Yeah, now it’s all coming back…

Oldies and definitely not goodies–that’s what the dems deem “we the rabble” deserve.  Not an honest, earnest, consistent man committed to civil rights for 40+ years.  Thanks, dems.  I guess.





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