Donald Trump Is Right

Donald Trump Is Right

It pains me mildly to say it, but, local Palm Beacher Donald Trump is absolutely correct about Marco Rubio. (Pains me not because I like Marco Rubio, but because my friends will excoriate me for saying anything positive about Mr. Trump. Soooo politically incorrect.)

Rubio did take a ton of money from the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF)–by using a party-issued American Express credit card for thousands of dollars of personal expenses. The most outrageous, IMO, was the $10,000 spent on a short vacation for he and his family. Look it up.  Just type “Rubio’s rpof credit card scandal” into your web browser’s search bar.  Read it and weep.  Or whoop.  Depending.

Rubio’s contemporary, that unfortunate piece of work, Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer, pleaded guilty to five felony counts of theft and money laundering for similar offenses. He got a sentence of a year and a half hard time for it, and was incarcerated for 15 months. His life was ruined (a rare exception for political misdeeds in Florida). The book, The Chairman: The Rise and Betrayal of Jim Greer by Peter Golenbock might be suggested reading before the GOP goes any further with Rubio.

Rubio’s excuse, among others, has often been that he confused the party AMEX card and his personal Mastercard.  Ummm, the two look nothing alike. Is he colorblind?  Does he have difficulties with pattern recognition? WTF? Would any reasonable person believe that Rubio didn’t notice that difference when it came time to swipe for a $10,000 family vacation?

Now, ya gotta understand, in South Florida–where politicians literally do not seem to know that it’s against the law to break the law–graft, corruption, greed, venality bribery, theft and blackmail are not considered an impediment to electability.  And I say that as a native South Floridian.  Rubio gets all up on
his high horse, full of umbrage, when Trump simply points out what has been well documented–Rubio spent thousands in party funds on personal expenses. Sure, he says he paid back more than $16K but it was always a bit hazy, at least as reported in the local S. Florida media, whether that was the extent of the personal charges. To this day there hasn’t been a public accounting of the credit card charges and reimbursements, or at least I’ve not been able to find one.

So why is the media giving Rubio a pass on this? It’s not “old news”.  It’s relevant.

Here’s a great campaign slogan. “Vote for me. I paid back the money I
stole/embezzled/laundered from my party. Well, once I got caught that is.” It’s catchy and it scans, no?

Sorry, but Donald Trump is right about Rubio. It’s just the non-local media which either is clueless or is deliberately suppressing the gangrenous reality for their own purposes.  South Florida media know better, but are still saying nothing.  Even worse, I have to admit that knuckledragger Joe Scarborough is right as well.  In North Florida voters are Southerners and not just Southerners, but “Hell no we ain’t fergettin’! ” Southerners. (South Florida is not the South, it is its own parallel universe.) In North Florida they don’t give a rat’s ass about L’il Marco.  And they remember all about his misdeeds, which Mr. Scarborough is politely refraining from mentioning.  So don’t count on them delivering Florida for Rubio.

Shucks, now I’ve disappointed my friends once again–by admitting I watch Joe
Scarborough.  But, I swear people, it’s only when the commercials are on during Animal Planet’s Escape to Chimp Eden, the far more intellectually stimulating TV fare I opt for viewing in the morning.

My own theory regarding why Marco gets a pass and Trump gets vitriolic hatred is that the media, political hacks and the moldy, flea-bitten old establishment just can’t stand the notion of electing someone who owns himself.  How ya gonna manipulate a guy who can’t be bribed or economically intimidated? No fair!

What would Jesus say?  “Fetch me a mint julep, wouldja?  Ah feel faint.”





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