Hill and Bill Behaving Badly

So it seems that professional wet blanket, Hillary Clinton, has some genuine fire in her belly after all, or at least some shred of non-scripted non-faux emotion which popped out for all to see this past week.  It wasn’t a warm fuzzy.  A Greenpeace activist asked an innocuous question and Hill got all up in her face, yelping like a stepped on dog and snapping sorrowfully about how sick and tired she is of Bernie Sanders’ people lying about her all the time. Huh?  How did that response have anything to do with the question or questioner, who was not affiliated with Sanders’ campaign?

Jeez, Hill was into her ‘poor, poor pitiful me, always getting picked on by some big bad somebody or other’ routine faster than a drunk with the shakes can snatch a full shot glass.  She was just a waggin’ and a stabbin’ her forefinger at the hapless girl who questioned her–which BTW is presumptuously rude.  Who shakes their finger at strangers and screams at them?  No one I’ve ever known.  The woman is amazing–she manages to yell and whine at the same time, a rare virtuosity.  The message to the questioner and everyone watching was clear–she presumes a God-given right to abuse imagined social inferiors verbally, by virtue of being–what?  The old bag doyenne who always gets special treatment? The spoiled elitist whose skirt-chasing husband used to be president, and who now gets away with all sorts of unacceptable lapses because everyone feels sorry for her because she’s shriveled with bitterness inspired by his serial
infidelities?  What?  I do not get it.

Hill’s 120 decibel pique seems deeply rooted in her unshakable belief that she’d damn well better get what she wants or else!  Ya kinda gotta wonder just what Mrs. Clinton thinks the social dynamic is between her and the voting public that would permit her to address anyone in such a tone and manner. The Queen is not amused?  And yet the media, which can sniff out what’s “offensive” like a trained pig unearths truffles, are blind to Hillary’s temper tantrums and arrogant snippiness while at the same time being constantly on the prowl for everyone else’s most innocuous remarks and/or misdeeds to hell hack over.  Why is that?

Not to be outdone, a day or two after Hill’s outburst, ol’ Bill gets all up on his high horse, hammering the Black Lives Matter protesters, possibly seeking to relive his Sister Soulja glory day.  Bill was trying to defend Hill’s use of the phrase “bring them to heel” in a speech in which she made reference to
“super-predator” young black males.  Hill had apparently been all full of delusional muscularity when she trotted out that old white fright super-predator stereotype of young black males and said “…we must bring them to heel.”  Seriously. “…bring them to heel.”  She actually said that. A chubby, short old white lady who couldn’t fight her way out of a wet paper bag was threatening black males that she would “bring them to heel”.   (Here’s a more pertinent quote for Hillary. “Don’t let your mouth write a check your body can’t cash.”)

So, anyway, there was Bill, last week, all hoarse and frantic in his defense of Hill’s past use of the dog whistle demonization of ethnic minorities. “…bring them to heel.”  Jeez his voice went up several octaves and he seemed about ready to cry yelling about it.  Get a grip Bill.  Steady on.  You may yet land that first “First Dude” title you’re soooo coveting these days.  No need to get frantic yet.  She’s still ahead and has even managed to keep those potential deal killer speeches to Wall Street biggies secret. So far.  (Golly, what could she have said that was so bad that those speech transcripts have to be treated as state secrets? And why hasn’t someone leaked those transcripts?  Yet.)

Yeah, Bill, was up there just a squallin’ away and then shaking his bony forefinger in our faces, all red-faced and entitled as he tried to shout down the Black Lives Matter crew. Hey Bill–put that damn finger away wouldja?  You’re just reminding us of where it’s been.  We’ve seen it before  (“I did not have sex with that woman. Ms. Lewinsky.”)  along with the same fabricated outrage.

These two act as if “we the rabble” are the hired help and we’re not performing
satisfactorily. Ummm, mind meld to Clintons–we’re not the hired help, we’re the people who supposedly get to choose our CEO–the majority shareholders, to put it in terms you two understand. And you, Hill, are asking us for something–a position of great power.  See, you’re the supplicant/applicant. So maybe you should adopt a less abusive tone and deportment.  And Bill, you’re just a former (embarrassing) employee who’s parlayed his earlier position into a gazillion barely traceable bucks.  Just be thankful you’ve evaded consequences for your behavior all these years and zip it, okay?

Both of you, cut it out with the yelling at us and scolding us.  Just because the
republicans’ collective id has popped out of the tight-assed constraints of conservative hypocritical dogma, uh, I mean, thought, at the worst possible time is no guarantee that we’ll vote for a shrieking banshee instead of one of them. Keep it in mind.  Donald Trump is a very engaging guy.  Un-owned.  That’s a pretty enticing attribute in this election cycle.


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