Putting Bernie’s Persistence in Context

It’s amazing to see/hear the Clintonistas and the media trying to hound Bernie Sanders out of the presidential race.  Yeah, he should just quit.   Hillary didn’t when running against Obama.  But that’s different, right?

Just imagine if, during the 2016 NFL playoffs, the media hounded the Denver Broncos to quit before playing the New England Patriots because they would be hurting the Patriots’ inevitable chances of winning the Superbowl.

Or what if  everyone tried to push the Golden State Warriors into quitting the 2016 NBA semifinals because they were hurting the Oklahoma City Thunder’s chances of winning the NBA title?

Yeah.  But expecting Bernie to quit so Clinton can coast to the democratic presidential nomination, well, that’s entirely reasonable.  Because Hillary’s inevitable, right?  Right?

Yeah, she’s the inevitable winner just as the Patriots and the Thunder were.





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