Body Language–Bernie, the Donald & Hillary

It’s instructive to watch people in unguarded moments. In the past couple of weeks I’ve seen all three remaining presidential candidates react to protesters who were attempting to get at each of them. All three exhibited an initial startle response but their secondary responses were telling with respect to their personalities.

Bernie’s, body language was kind of, like, “Hey! D’ya mind?  I’m workin‘ here.”

The Donald’s body language was to shift into a fighter’s mode, ready to smack whomever was threatening, while glaring and looking around to locate the source of the aggression.

Hillary?  She cowered, hunched her shoulders, clutched her arms in front of her and came as close to curling up into the fetal position as is possible while remaining standing.

So Bernie stayed focused on what he was doing and the Donald was knee-jerked by his personality into a fighting mode.

Hillary cowered. That ain’t tough, that’s weak, timid and fearful, which is what she is deep down inside.  She did more or less the same thing on camera once when she and Bill were being interviewed.  Something on the set came crashing down with a bang.  She cowered into Bill’s arms.  That’s not what a leader does.

It didn’t take much for each of the three to reveal their inner selves.

Now I would dearly love to have a woman president–just not a timid, weak, fearful one.  Hillary’s whole “baby steps” default philosophy is so at odds with our demonstrable national character that why people can’t seem to see through her loud bluster is a real mystery .  Jeez, she didn’t even have the onions (or as Stephen Colbert calls them, lady balls”) to kick her perv husband to the curb after he humiliated her so very, very publicly.  She just sank her carefully groomed little claws more firmly into his coattails and hung on for dear life.

She’s done that all along no matter what, um, effluvia ol’ Slick Willie kicked in her face.  It’s pathetic.

The Donald seems way too flighty and easily provoked to be able to withstand the temptation to squash opposition at the slightest instigation if he had the means at hand–like, say, the nuclear button.  Plus, he just can’t control his mouth and has made it clear he’s not even gonna try.  I don’t think I’d want to have to take the consequences of what that mouth and temper might get us all into.  (Gee Mr. President, all David Cameron did was say you weren’t the sharpest tack in the box.  Didja have to nuke London over it?”)

Hillary?  Well, she’s timid and fearful.  Don’t mistake a loud mouth for toughness.  Those are not the qualities needed to lead a fractious, exuberant and frisky nation of 310 million souls. We’re not timid as a people. We’re bold.  We race headlong into the future, doing awesome stuff along the way (and of course, sometimes, not-so-awesome stuff).  We are not a “baby steps” kind of folk. And we don’t want to be either.  Do we?

There’s only one decent human being left in the presidential race–one whose entire adult life has been spent pursuing social and economic justice for all. Bernie.  It says a lot that the media seems determined to get him out of the picture as quickly as possible.  It says a lot that so many are willing to go along with it.

The Donald or Hillary?  Sigh.  If so, I’m gonna need some ear plugs.  We all are.


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