There’s NO Proof Clinton Has the Democratic Nomination “Locked Up”

What a sleazy trick.  The day of the California primary Hillary and her ever-complicit media whores state–without evincing any actual supporting evidence–that she’s the winner of the nomination.  Just because someone who’s known for lying, who, in fact, seems to be a pathological liar, says she has more than 400 superdelegates does not mean she actually has those votes.

Hillary has far, far fewer verifiably committed delegates, enumerated through an actual formal voting process, than needed to become the nominee.  You have to take her word for the rest of them.  But of course the media, buying into the Hillary “inevitability” BS is determined to keep its collective thumb on the scales in order to help implement its decision.

If either of the Clintons told me the sky is blue, I’d go outside and take a look before believing either of them.

This election is far, far more sickening than anything I’ve seen before. Bleah!  My prediction is that many Bernie fans will not vote for Bill Clinton’s wife.  Of course that could just be whistling past the graveyard.

What graveyard?  Republic dead, news at 11.


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