What Would Mexicans Do?

Sometimes when presented with instances of seeming double standards it’s useful to reverse roles and see how that works.

So after watching protesters rioting in the street, under the Mexican flag, burning our American flag, and beating Americans up after a Trump rally in San Jose last week I tried that–flipped the participants’ roles.

Folks may remember that groups of protesters were violently assaulting people leaving the Trump event.  In one case a group of men cornered a young woman, shoving a Mexican flag in her face, spitting on her, pelting her with eggs
and in general committing what appeared to be felony assault (as police looked on and did nothing).  Soooo brave of those men.

Now I have no strong feelings about Donald Trump one way or the other.  I also do not harbor xenophobic views about Mexicans, and, in fact, have no particular opinions about them one way or the other either, since generalizing about an entire group seems illogical.  Besides, I know virtually nothing about Mexico after the reign of the Emperor Maximillian.  So there’s no factual basis for me to have any opinion about the country or its citizens.

Since the rioters were waving Mexican flags it seems reasonable to assume they were Mexican.  So my question is; what would happen if a crowd of Americans, under the American flag, rioted in Mexico, burned the Mexican flag and violently assaulted Mexican citizens while trying to disrupt a Mexican presidential candidate’s campaign rally?  There’d be hell to pay and those rioters would not be treated gently.  They’d get their butts beaten is my guess.

What about the media’s coverage of the assaults?  Oh the media whores seemed to think it was entirely appropriate.  One self-identified latina commentator opining on a talk show discussing the incident, said that waving the Mexican flag was just the rioters’ way of showing their latino pride.  No kidding.  Violently assaulting and degrading a woman for having the temerity to attend a Donald Trump rally, while waving a foreign flag and burning ours, on our soil, was “their way of showing their latino pride”.   (And the ever-so-cosmopolitan media wonders why the American public dislikes them so much.)

Aside from the question of what Mexicans would do if the roles in this incident were reversed, what’s the root of the obvious media bias against Trump and Bernie?   Hmmm, what could it be?  Oh, right– media providers of “news” coverage are mostly owned by large corporations.  Bernie won’t peddle his ass to them.  Donald Trump won’t be controlled by them.  They’re pretty sure that Hillary can be bought for the equivalent of a chicken dinner.  What’s the ROI on a quarter million bucks to purchase an unscrupulous pol who will run interference for those corporations?

End of conversation.


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