Note to Millennials

You’re hardly the first generation to be decried as ruinous. Writing in the 6th century, Gildas the doleful monk, in his treatise, The Ruin of Britain, said that:

“Alas! the subject of my complaint is the general destruction of every thing that is good, and the general growth of evil throughout the land;–but that I rejoice to see her revive therefrom: for it is my present purpose to relate the deeds of an indolent and slothful race, rather than the exploits of those who have been valiant in the field.”

Jeez, talk about a buzzkill!  When you get tired of the Boomers carping about what a bunch of losers you are, just point them toward Gildas.  The last I heard about the subject is that Britain is still doing just fine, if not necessarily as well as during the days of Empire.

Your generation has every right to make its own mistakes and forge its own path–even if it only leads to your moms’ basements.  (BTW, millennial guys, not to carp, but ya might think about getting your own place sometime in the near future.)




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