EU’s Juncker; Unqualified Clueless Old Fart, Former Prime Minister of Luxembourg!

Why is Britain being slammed for voting for Brexit, for leaving the totally lame EU?  Some more pertinent questions might be:  How did the capital of a pissant little country such as Belgium get to be the capital of Europe anyway, and wasn’t its only previous claim to fame as the overnight stop for Germany whenever it invaded France?   Jeez, Belgium can’t even protect itself, let alone provide and plan for  the security of a whole continent.  Brussels can’t even keep track of terrorists in its own tiny country, so why would anyone expect that they’d do a better job for the whole continent?  As it stands now the EU capital is seemingly awash with terrorists and the numbnuts in charge didn’t even realize it until bombs started going off several terrorist incidents ago.  Yeah, that inspires confidence, no?

And the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker?   You know, the old guy with the too-much-alcohol-nose and the snippy attitude, who won’t speak English in the EU anymore?   His previous claim to fame was as the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.  That’s right–Luxembourg!   That’s the country with a massive population of–wait for it–about 556,000 (in 2014) of which 44% are foreigners.  And Juncker gets to run Europe?   No kidding, that’s the resume which supposedly prepared him to manage the affairs of half a billion people.  That’s like telling us in the USA that the Bahamas should rule America and expecting us to hold still for it.

Now why would the UK bitch about this state of affairs?  Gee, one wonders.

Furthermore, in the history of “you can’t make this stuff up” Juncker’s rise to power is even more laughable.  He was in a traffic accident in 1989, apparently suffered a concussion and spent two weeks in a coma.  Immediately upon regaining consciousness he was elected to Luxembourg’s Chamber of Deputies and then promoted to Minister of Finance.  Of Luxembourg!  Hmmm, where have I heard this story before?  Oh, right.  Juncker’s like the character Chance Gardener in the movie “Being There”.   Remember?   The film is about a simpleton gardener, Chance, who corrupt and clueless politicians decide–through a bizarre set of circumstances–to choose as their candidate for President of the United States.  It’s a classic comedy about misplaced power.

How on earth did the continent of Europe become subjugated, voluntarily no less, to someone (Juncker) with flimsy qualifications and a country (Belgium) with similarly threadbare capabilities for running a continent?   It’s ridiculous and the UK is smart to get out while the gettin’ is good.

The financial world and the media, meanwhile, are having a bad case of the vapors (fetch me the smellin’ salts and a mint julep would ya dahlin’ ah feel faint) because a financial powerhouse like the UK decided to bail on this ship of fools.

Yeah.  Our oldest ally is getting pounded because they are practical, because they’d like to manage their own affairs, protect their own borders and determine wherein lies their own self-interest.  Bad Britain, bad.

Sorry, but the EU seems like an old whore–can’t be too picky, and will screw anyone and do anything for a few bucks.

And BTW, to what countries does the EU expect  the UK  to subordinate its own self interest?   Here are a few of the lesser lights:  Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland.  Nice countries to visit but would you really want to have your economy and security dependent upon them?  Don’t forget, EU membership means that anyone from these member countries can cross into the UK without being vetted, can secure employment, and, basically, be a citizen.

And guess who’s up next.  Serbia and Albania.  Not exactly beacons of human rights, peace, financial probity or stability, eh?

Yeah, America, how would you like that?  What could go wrong?  So give it a rest.  There are some things that are worth more than money, although I think big corporations may have bribed Congress to make saying so against the law.


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