Hillary’s Really Bad Judgment

Can it possibly be true that Hillary Clinton, taking time off from measuring for the White House drapes, is thinking about appointing Joe Biden as Secretary of State?

I think Joe Biden’s a great guy.  There are probably lots of jobs he could fill.  He’d be good at any number of them.  But, uhhh, doesn’t the Secretary of State have to be, well, diplomatic?  Y’know, the necessity of parsing words carefully before speaking is pretty much a requirement for the job.

Joe has many very fine qualities but, tempered, restrained speech is not among them.  Can you just imagine the havoc he could wreak with a few sentences in, oh, say, the Middle East,where people are very, very touchy?

So the very fact that Hillary Clinton is thinking of giving Joe the job of Sec. of State is de facto proof that she has really bad judgment and no common sense at all.

On the flip side, who would Trump seek to put in that spot?  Yikes!





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