I don’t even know what “Jew S-A” means or what the”S-A” word even is

Could someone please tell me what the bad word that some idiot Trump supporter yelled at the media even is? And what it means?

I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard such a thing & don’t know any anti-Semitic terms that begin with “S” and end in “A”.

Actually, as far as I can remember, I’ve never heard more than two anti-Semitic nouns in my whole life.  I had no idea I’d led such a sheltered existence.

Who does stuff like this anyway? Jeez!  Is this sort of thing commonplace?

As for the candidates–well, they both seem equally detestable, just in different ways.



2 responses to “I don’t even know what “Jew S-A” means or what the”S-A” word even is

  1. What ever it means I don’t like it. Probably a Clinton plant. I don’t understand how anyone could vote for her. I would never want history to show the first woman president was a liar and a crook.


    • Hmmm. I keep trying to reply and my response keeps erasing itself, or disappearing at least. (I’m thinking of forming a conspiracy theory about it.)

      As far as your comment, well, I’ve said pretty much the same thing about Hillary more
      than once. And that is NOT, repeat, NOT, any sort of support of the Donald’s candidacy.
      They’re both awful in their own special ways.

      The constant drama, sleaze and trash that Hill and Bill have subjected us to is quite
      enough for me. No mas!

      That whole, “ya gotta vote for me because I’m a woman” thing that Madeleine Albright pushes and Hillary tacitly seems to approve is just gender based
      discrimination. I kinda thought the women’s movement–which has resulted in Hillary actually
      having a chance to become president–was supposedly deeply rooted in eliminating
      gender based discrimination. Expecting more than 50% of the population to vote their
      collective double X chromosomes seems like gender based discrimination on a breathtaking scale.
      Talk about hypocrisy.