Ohhhh, So That’s What “Jew S A” means

Someone explained that taunting of the media by shouting “Jew S A” thing to me.  It’s a sly and mean-spirited reference to the supposed  statistical/proportional representation of Jewish ownership of media outlets and sources. That is to say, the percentage of Jewish citizens to the population as a whole is allegedly far lower than the proportion of Jewish owned/controlled media to the whole population of media companies and outlets.

Even if that’s accurate, so what?   IF true–and I have no actual statistics about it–I would see that as nothing more than a practical response to the hideous mass-murdering practices of that jerk, Hitler.

What made Hitler’s holocaust/mass murders (he also tried to do away with the disabled, Catholics and Communists BTW) possible?  State owned and controlled media was a huge part of it.  While brute force was the means of implementation, the way the Nazis got people to overlook the early stages of the systematic brutalization of Jews was through Goebbels’ vicious propaganda campaign(s) of systematic demonization.  (Once Hitler consolidated power, the later stages relied on the general population’s fear of the SS and its hideous reprisals to anyone who dared to raise a voice of protest.)

Connect the dots.

People are easily swayed to hatred and violence–history tells us that in oh-so-many ways.  Maybe Jewish folks looked at the holocaust, knew that similar scapegoating and brutalization was likely to come up again, and tried to find practical solutions to hedge against a repeat performance.  One of those solutions was to ensure that they’d have many public voices, i.e. media, to counter such anti-Semitic tactics as Goebbels’ in the future.  It’s not as though Nazi Germany was the first time Jewish people were subject to pogroms, mass disenfranchisement, and horrific maltreatment.

IF the premise of Jewish control of the media is actually true, it seems just a matter of self-protection in a world that repeatedly elects Jews to be the bad
guys and then tortures and kills them and steals all their stuff.

Regardless, anyone who’d yell something like that, or think it for that matter, has gotta be a total a–hole.


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