Hillary’s Public vs Private Positions on Progressives

Yesterday’s political news was interesting.  An article published by  theweek.com  on 10/21/2016 entitled “Clinton’s goodwill among progressives corrodes after leaked email insults and Wall Street comments” showed up on my screen.  It seems to miss the point.  It’s not the leaks that are damaging her, it’s what she and her people were saying behind closed doors about Progressives  that are doing the damage.  It’s these people’s own words, thoughts and cupidity which are corrosive.

Hillary and her crew think Progressives are “naive” ” dumb” “pompous” “freaks” and “puritanical”.  Puritanical?  Well I guess if you’re a whore, someone with sexual relationships which don’t involve an exchange of cash may seem puritanical.   Bernie Sanders, who Hillary thinks should support her unquestioningly, is a “doofus” in John Podesta’s opinion.

Good to know.

We’ve already learned about how Hillary and her female cohorts cheated during the primaries and the general election (wherein DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz  sandbagged Bernie’s primary campaign and Donna Brazile fed Hillary the debate questions so she could prepare an answer ahead of time in a debate with Trump).  Tip–if you have to cheat to win, you’re probably not the best choice for voters.

This latest information  just totally frosted me.

My immediate thought was “Why you condescending little snots!”

So I located  my car keys.  And early voted.

And, BTW, every woman I know is voting for Trump as well, although they were going to before this latest batch of truth-in-Hillary-et. al.’s own words came to light.

One amusing thing that came up in the new email douche was that Hillary & her henchwomen were already planning on pitching Wasserman-Schultz under the bus.   This was  happening at the very same time Debbie  was pitching her ethics (if they ever existed) overboard and slanting the nomination process for Hillary, in violation of the party’s supposed policy of letting primary voters decide without party interference.

Jeez, Debbie, how naive.  When you commit crimes or do bad things for someone else, they don’t keep you around to remind themselves of the dirty deed.  Remember Katharine Harris, who delivered big time for “W”?  She got thrown overboard too, and received no GOP support when she ran for Congress.  I think that’s what “hoist on your own petard” refers to.  Ya screw over someone to curry favor with someone else and the beneficiary screws you over.  Didn’t anyone ever explain that to you?  Que lastima!

Professional victim Hillary’s lack of honor, ethics, honesty and common sense were already troubling enough.  But, after reading what she and her crack character-assassination team said about Progressives I  felt as though I needed a shower.  And a flea collar.

Compared to these latest revelations, unwanted pussy grabbing doesn’t seem anywhere near as bad as it did a week or two ago.

And how rich is it that Hillary demanded the FBI all emails and information about their investigation(s)?  And then the FBI released the details of their investigation into Bill Clinton’s potential Mark Rich pardon for cash.  Be careful what ya ask for.



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