Women, Dems, Hillary; You’re Responsible for Losing, Not Comey!

Why did Hillary lose? Let’s see–when the dems said she was the most qualified candidate ever, the people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”.   When the dems said she’d be the first female president ever, people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”.   When the dems said,  in the primary season, that she has a gazillion unbound delegates’ votes, people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”.   When the dems said “but Bernie can’t win,” people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”. ” People kept saying that to pollsters too.   No one listened.

“What did we do wrong? What did we miss” is the hilarious refrain of the media about the election’s result.  Here’s what you media people did wrong.  You fabricated a narrative and cherry picked your data to make Hillary the “inevitable” candidate.  You, who seemingly live by polls, ignored the ones that all said Bernie could beat Trump and the ones that showed more mixed results for a Hillary/Donald matchup.

Then, much of the media leaned on the pro-Hillary stories so hard that it was obvious even to an independent with no particular political ideology.  Most of the media bound itself inextricably to the story that Hillary was going to be the first female president of the U.S.   Unfortunately for Hillary, the American media has a public approval rating of about 20%.   So, the media–a universally detested demographic–in binding itself to Hillary, bound Hillary to a dead weight–themselves and their inability to report the news, forgoing that responsibility in favor of trying to predict the news.

Why did Hillary lose?  Anybody could tell you in a New York minute.  Not only did Hillary, et. al.  commit to a fabricated narrative, they forgot that white people, including white men, vote too.  I heard one TV media commentator sneer that Trump’s election was just a “white vote”.   There wasn’t any sniping from dems about minorities voting their ethnicity.  And President Obama, who I really like, played both the race  and gender cards, right before the election.  So why would dems, women & Hillary expect other people, especially the males who’ve been pitched overboard by them, not to vote their gender/ethnicity?   This is strategy and tactics 101 and it was beyond the Hillary folks to do the simple math.  It’s not that they couldn’t.  They just wouldn’t.   Because that was not the story they liked.

And the dems, especially the older women, bought into the fabricated narrative–the “Hillary’s inevitable” one.  “Ooh, ooh, tell us the story again.  The one where Hillary gets to be the first female president and most powerful person in the world, and, and… ooh, we just love that story!”  Of course nearly everyone loves the story where a girl finally gets to be president.  But not Hillary.  People don’t like her.  They said so.

And, Hillary cheats.

Hillary lost in part because she and the unsavory people around her cheated blatantly.  Donna Brazile fed her, not only the debate questions, but from who and what vantage point to expect them.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz lost her position as DNC chair for sandbagging Bernie Sanders’ campaign.  Americans don’t like cheaters.  Those acts just reminded everyone who doesn’t cheat how hard it is when you have to compete against someone who does.

And, then there’s Hillary’s disdainful tone in a speech to Wall Street heavy hitters.  Y’know, when she said how, well, she doesn’t actually have much contact with the middle class anymore because of the economic thing.  (I think that means the $66 million she and Bill supposedly sucked out of the system, at least, they did according to Joe Scarbrough.)

Blaming James Comey?  Seriously?  Talk about poor sportsmanship!  Take responsibility for your failure Hillary!  If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror dems/ladies/Hillary!  Suck It Up!   By collapsing in grief over a political setback, you ladies are proving to the world that ya just can’t take the rough and tumble of high level power seeking.  For heaven’s sake, Andrea Mitchell was crying on air the other day!  Mika Brzezinski, on Thursday’s Morning Joe, looked like one of those POWs in enemy propaganda videos–beaten, broken, tortured, shocked, traumatized.   There were supposedly law school students who were too “traumatized” by the election to take an exam.  (Law professor, Jonathon Turley coined a great phrase for those psychologically frail individuals; “emotional hemophiliacs”.)

Here’s the scoop dems & women & Hillary–you bet against the red-blooded American male & all the women (moms, grandmas, sisters, aunts, cousins, colleagues, friends) who love them.  Even though minority men were nominally included in Hillary’s base, the impression I got was that even those guys were treated dismissively by the women; like, “oh them“.  And white males were persona non grata from jump.

Now, reap the whirlwind, if that’s in the cards.  However, I suspect Trump will tone it down, maybe even buckle down and study up on the myriad issues he’s never even thought about before this.  Maybe he’ll work hard, learn compassion and put those big brass ones ones of his to work for our country.  We’re all waiting with bated breath.



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