Hillary, Spare Us the Sackcloth and Ashes. Just Go Away!

For heaven’s sake, the election’s over, Hillary lost and still, eight days later, she continues hogging the stage with her needy supporters and forcing the rest of us to be their unwilling grief counselors.  What, exactly, are the protesters   expecting to achieve with all the marching?   We’re not gonna give you a do-over.  Forget it!  You lost!  It’s OVER!  Go home!

These folks’ histrionics have already made it clear that Hillary et. al. are far too
emotionally fragile and needy to be able to handle political power.  Last night’s
pathetic display of Hillary doing her version of sackcloth and ashes/Monty Python penance bit, was the last straw.  The only possible excuses for her giving a public speech now is that she’s simply addicted to attention and deluded enough to imagine that she’s still relevant.

Hillary, et. al.–you guys are weaklings.  Fortunately you lost before we could find out at some less convenient time that you’d fold like a cardboard suitcase at the first sign of adversity.  Just try to imagine these sobbing jellyfish being able to hold their own in talks or negotiations with, oh, say, Vladimir Putin and his KGB colleagues.

What really frosts me is that the rest of us are supposed to sympathize, empathize and otherwise coddle these whiners until they feel comfie enough to re-enter the over-protective bubble  they think is the real world.

Sorry, but, you election losers deserve no pity.  No one feels sorry for you except yourselves.  Go bake cookies or do whatever ya need to and pull yourselves together.  But stop expecting us to watch,  You’re an embarrassment to all of us and our country.  So…shoo!  G’way!  Scat.  Just get the ____ out of our lives wouldja please?


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