There Goes the Neighborhood

img_2893There’s a pair of osprey who nest nearby. A few months ago they got kicked out of their first nest by a pair of great horned owls.  The osprey pair built a nest about 100 yards away. The owls raised two chicks–photos posted on this site–who destroyed the stolen nest when they learned to fly and climb. The owls left and presumably hunt somewhere around where I live.  The osprey didn’t produce chicks that time.

The owls’ departure  should have left the osprey pair free to raise new chicks. And a few days ago they apparently had eggs in their new nest or at least were breeding.  Sometimes one would be in the nest, sometimes they’d both be standing near it on a snag.

Christmas day when I rode my bike past the osprey nest, both parents were sitting inside the nest, which I’ve never seen them do, and looking decidedly nervous.  When I rode around the corner it was obvious why.  There was a huge eagle sitting in the tree right by the remains of the owl nest. This osprey pair can’t catch a break.



Yesterday at dusk I saw the eagle being chased by an osprey, both of them screaming imprecations at each other. The osprey was apparently unsuccessful because first thing this morning the eagle was hunting over the estuary outside my window. I didn’t even have to get up to see an eagle! All I had to do was open the blinds.

I’m hoping that eagle is going to nest in that tree.  Sorry osprey, but…as far as you’re concerned, there goes the neighborhood.



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