Hypothesis on Why Trump Hung Up on Australian PM

Maybe Trump has an enlarged prostate.  That affliction causes a frequent
urgent need to urinate.

He’s taking propecia according to his doctor.  Supposedly he takes it for hair loss, but that’s also the drug men take to relieve the symptoms of an enlarged
prostate. (More than 60% of men aged 60 or older have enlarged prostates
according to published stats.)

Then there was the carefully worded explanation that he’d had five phone
calls that day and was “feeling fatigued”.  That doesn’t make any sense.
“Fatigued” from talking on the phone?  Gimme a break.  Even Jeb or Hillary
has enough energy for that.

Nope, I think maybe he just had the Hobson’s choice of getting to the
bathroom or peeing his pants.  That’s the ignominious fate of elderly men.
Their prized possession–their ‘nads–turns on them.

There are a variety of products (such as Depends) for incontinence, and they can be delivered discreetly directly to the home.  For any kind souls out there who would like to aid their president, his address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.,
Washington, DC.  I don’t know the zip code but I’m pretty sure the US
Postal Service would find it.

It might be something else.


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