When Did the GOP Become the Party of Commie Sympathizers?

I’m neither republican or democrat and have no other political affiliation
either. So there’s no dog of mine in this fight.

But didn’t the GOP used to be rabid commie baiters, bringing withering
scorn and political and economic pressure on anyone to the left of center,
viewing them as communists or sympathizers of that political persuasion?
Richard Nixon won his first election by painting his opponent, Helen
Gahagan Douglas, as a “pinko” (communist), ruining her reputation solely
on that never proven basis.

Then there was Senator Joe McCarthy, who, in the 1950’s, terrorized and
ruined the lives of ordinary citizens, particularly actors and writers, for
supposedly being communists or at least commie sympathizers. (That is
until a brave journalist, Edward R. Murrow, on March 9, 1954, in American
journalism’s finest hour, called McCarthy out on national TV and helped
turn the tide to more reasonable public debate about the subject.) Being
“soft on communism” was about as bad as being an ax murderer or baby
rapist in the view of the GOP back in the day.

Although rapprochement with repressive communist regimes and policies
brought, through Ronald Reagan’s leadership, a more measured and
pragmatic relationship with the Soviet system, there was still deep GOP
distrust of communism and its influence in our hemisphere. That persisted
until relatively recently.

Now, all of a sudden, the GOP has turned into the party of commie
admirers. The GOP hammered President Obama for his putative habit of
apologizing for America to the world. Now the GOP is doing far worse,
openly characterizing the USA as a nation of “killers,” a nation which
“isn’t so innocent” in comparison to Russia’s aggressive methods of
keeping citizens in line. They praise Putin and deride our own country in
front of the whole world. Trump is virtually swooning with adulation for
the vicious thug and former KGB head, Vladimir Putin.

To quote the source of that breathless admiration, i.e. president Trump,
“What the hell is going on?”. Do these idiots not realize that in Putin’s
world they’d be targeted for political assassination for criticizing that brutal
scumbag? At the very least they’d be consigned to some gulag prison,
condemned to hard labor for who knows how long. (Some patriotic group
should send every member of congress a copy of the book One Day in the
Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexsander Solzhenitsyn.)

This is truly astonishing. Yeah. GOP, seemingly the communist party west.
Who woulda thought it?


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