Toddler’s Pragmatic Consumerist/Capitalist Approach to Sibling Rivalry

A friend of mine mentioned that her four year old eldest grandchild is dissatisfied with having a younger brother and another sibling on the way. He had not previously mentioned that he was planning on being an only child. But now, like any savvy capitalist, he’s got a practical consumerist plan for ameliorating his big brother status.

The young grandson informed his Grandma that he’s saving up his money, aiming for the benchmark of $100. She asked why.  He told her he’s going to pay “the gypsies” $100 to take away the unwanted siblings.

Apparently at some point in his short past he overheard a frustrated mom tell her child that if she didn’t behave she’d sell her to the gypsies for that sum. That parent expanded on the threat by saying that she had their telephone number so her child’s punishment was only a phone call away.

My friend’s grandson was pretty disappointed upon being informed that gypsies don’t actually buy and sell children and that his plan was a non-starter.

Think your toddler’s not paying attention to what you say?  Think again.  They’re listening and putting what you say into their developing concepts of the world and how it works.


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