Are Jeff Sessions, Pam Bondi, et. al. Protecting Drug Cartels’ Marijuana Profits?

It’s pretty clear that marijuana isn’t a gateway drug (alcohol and tobacco are the most common ones).  And it’s pretty clear that lots of people are in favor of decriminalization.  And it’s been shown not to be addictive, unlike cigarettes and alcohol.

It’s also been reported that marijuana, or at least its active ingredients, cannabinoids, show promise in preventing and/or reversing the accumulation of beta amyloid placques in human tissue, including the brain.  Of course there’s limited research in the USA because the drug’s illegal.  But beta amyloid plaque buildup in the brain is thought to be a cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

I keep seeing references to the growing numbers afflicted with the disease and an anticipated epidemic as baby boomers age.

So what on earth could be the reason why Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and any number of other GOP heel clickerss are so adamantly resisting the calls to downgrade marijuana from its Schedule 1 status?

All these folks seem to be accomplishing with their resistance is protecting drug cartels’ marijuana monopoly and profits. Which makes me wonder–who’s giving these politicians donations?  Are drug cartels financing GOP campaigns?  Yikes, would politicians really accept money from drug cartels?  Or are there middlemen who launder political donations for the cartels and the pols are  just not looking too carefully at the source of the donations they receive?

My Mom used to say that, if there’s an obvious answer, it’s probably the answer.  And we all know what motivates politicians.  Money–that’s their drug of choice.  So if they are resisting logic in preventing research on and/or recreational use of a drug that seems to have far more benefits than detriments, are they taking money to do so?

Or is the party in power just so pro-Alzheimer’s that it will go to any lengths to prevent a promising possible cure from ever making it to the market or even research labs?   It’s incomprehensible,  especially since so many of these old fart republicans are  of an age where Alzheimer’s is a real possibility.  Do they really relish the prospect of turning into  mindless lumps of ambulatory protoplasm–which is where Alzheimer’s eventually leads–that much?

Or are these folks just so pro-money that they’ll take it from any source, no matter how dirty and no matter what the ultimate cost to themselves and the rest of us.  Just askin’, not sayin’.




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