Eric Trump, Emptiest Suit in the Trump Deck

Eric Trump, the emptiest suit in the Trump deck, is hilarious. The guy
whose resume is limited to being Donald Trump’s lesser son opined that
people who don’t agree with his father’s agenda are “not even people”.

In the first place, his father, money-grubber in chief Donald, doesn’t have an
agenda other than accumulating as much money as he can and honing his
self-aggrandizing skills. In the second place, nobody on the planet gives a
rat’s ass what Eric Trump thinks.  No-Bud-EEE.  In the third place, Eric’s opinion about whether we the rabble are “not even people” is not an existential one.  Whether he thinks so or not, our collective existence as members of the species homo sapiens is empirically verifiable.

Eric, sit down, shut up and just be satisfied that you can coast through life as
a wastrel scion. Granted, it doesn’t look great on a resume but, you don’t
need a resume, or accomplishments or any other thing for which we lesser
mortals have to strive. Without any achievements or accomplishments other
than being a card carrying member of the lucky sperm club you can still get
by, doing well by being a Trump.

Of course, dear boy, you’re never going to know what it means to feel the
satisfaction of having undertaken something difficult or challenging and
been successful at it on your own merits.  You were guaranteed a smooth path in life from the moment Ivana spit you out of her womb.

So just be grateful that, despite showing no overt evidence of gumption, character or accomplishments, you still get a free ride on the “Yippee I’m privileged” train.

I also see where you tweeted–to whom I’m not sure–that you “..raised
$16.3 million dollars. What have you done today?”

Well, I raised more than $34 million for my worthy causes–all by
myself–despite not being related to anyone that people might want to curry
favor with or having held expensive fund raisers at gauche, overly glittery
venues.  In fact, I never held even a single fund raiser.  And raising that
money was hardly my only accomplishment.   So…right back at ya, you
loser.  What have you done today?  Or ever?

Just like dear ol’ dad, kiddo, you’re a waste.  Please, spare us your opinions
and stick to what you know–being a scion of a wealthy family.  It’s what
you do best.  That is, if being a useless rich kid can be considered “doing”


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