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Why KKK Folks Choose to Wear Dunce Caps

It’s always been something of a mystery why any group would voluntarily
pick dunce caps as part of their official uniform. But the KKK chose
long ago to include that traditional insignia of stupidity as emblematic of
their beliefs and world view.

Now, after the last few days, it’s obvious why they made that choice. They revere ignorance, stupidity and brainless violence.  They celebrate it.  They obviously want to present themselves to the world as dummies and dunces because they are proud of it.

Nothing says “duh, I’m an idiot” like voluntarily wearing dunce caps–in public no less.  It sends a message all right–that is, that they like being dumb and ignorant. They don’t just approve it, they actually applaud it.  They work at it.

Here in America I suspect that under normal circumstances the KKK has
nothing to do with most of our lives.  Their kind of living isn’t even on our
collective radar screen.  Or at least it wasn’t until the last few days.

That’s changed.  They have pushed their unwanted, ugly ways into our

When the KKK’s demented knuckledraggers say they “will take back our country” what they really mean is that they want to take our country, and the values “we the rabble” hold dear, away from us.

Too bad.  It’s not “their” country to take.  It belongs to all of us, whether they like it or not.

F–k them!  They can’t have what belongs to all of us.  Maybe we’re the ones who should “take back our country” from the altRight, the nazis and the KKK.   Maybe they need to find someplace else to practice their backwards ways.  Maybe we should confine them somewhere so they can’t continue disrupting and infecting our public life.

I hear Alcatraz is empty, and difficult to escape.

There ya go KKK boys and girls. I’ve found the perfect spot for you.

No, no, don’t thank me.  Glad to be of help.  Now, please–leave!

And BTW, KKK, Jesus does NOT love you.

What would Jesus say?  “Crush them like the icky bugs they are..”



Does Trump Have Oneirataxia?

I may have the answer–to what’s wrong with Donald Trump, that is.

Maybe he has oneirataxia – the inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.  (This, by the way, seems to be a common affliction among real estate
developers. When they talk about developing a real estate project, they think it’s
already a fait accompli.)

I came across the term while looking for a way to convey my persistent
longing for Wales. Ever since visiting there in 2014 I think about it
constantly, daily.  (It turned out the term I was looking for is “fernweh” i.e.
an ache for distant places.)

However, having so fortuitously come across a word for explaining Trump’s
seemingly delusional ravings of late, it’s only right to share it. It seems
somehow, more presidential than just saying he’s crazy as a bedbug, or
nutty as a fruitcake.  It seems less dauntingly dangerous for our national security interests than “dementia”.

Somehow, if I look at it that way it’s even not so disgusting to watch him waddling to and fro like a beached walrus, with his pathetic long red tie pointing at his crotch virtually shouting “look at my dick, look at my dick”.  Of course, I’m just a post modern dinosaur so nobody’s asking my opinion.

Still better than Hillary though.  God only knows what mental dysfunctions that one’s got hidden up her sleeve.  Or psyche.

Yep, oneirataxia – inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.  If
that’s not our pres. I don’t know what is.

Florida Cannibal, Face-biting Killer, Wants to Be a “Normal Kid” Again

So there was a story in some Florida newspapers today about how Florida
teenage murderer and cannibal (and Florida State University student) Austin
Harouf doesn’t like jail.  He wants to go back to being a “normal kid” again.

Yeah, that seems fair.

Briefly, he’s the maniac who murdered a man and his wife, attacked a
neighbor who tried to intervene, and was found by police biting the face off
the corpse of the man he’d just murdered.

Earth to Mr. Harrouf–there’s no goin’ back from that you moron.  No way are you gonna just put this behind you and carry on as though nothing had happened.

Even in Floriduh getting caught with a corpse, which IS a corpse because
you just took the life from the person who was occupying that body, is not
OK.  (Well, most of the time anyway.)  If you were, at the time of being
caught, eating your victim’s face off, either naked or dressed only in your underwear, well, moving on is a non-starter.  You’re toast pal.  You weren’t a normal kid, you were a face-biting cannibal in waiting.

Nobody feels sorry for you Mr. Harrouf.  You’re wasting our oxygen.  You
belong on death row.  So just shut the hell up about going back to being a
“normal kid” again.

Why on earth does the media even report crap like this?  Stop giving this
monster any attention. Don’t waste the public’s time.  Just let us know
when the creep has been put down wouldja?

How is it that people like him always seem to wind up in Florida?  Stuff like
this is the reason that all the Florida natives I know, including me, try to
confine our interactions to other Florida natives.  We’re frisky but more or
less sane. And how do we get the reputation of being oddballs when it’s
the transplants who always seem to be involved in our most lurid incidents.

Keep that in mind people, when your read about bizarre Florida people and
their nutty behavior.  They’re not Floridians, they just live here!

Just Say It–Trump Appears to Have Dementia

For heaven’s sake–and our own–just face it. Trump appears to have

It’s not going to get better. He needs to be evaluated and given medication
which can slow down the process.  And he needs to be removed from office
because he is just not mentally competent.

He may be competent for discrete periods of time, and in disconnected
specific incidences. But his failure of logic, his erratic behavior, furious
temper tantrums, paranoia, linguistic incomprehensibility and inability to just sit down and get to work are indicators of profound dysfunction. Not exactly what you want in a guy with the nuclear button at his disposal.

The executive branch of a country of nearly 350 million people or so isn’t
going to run itself.  We need a fully competent chief executive who is willing and able to work capably and diligently at being the head of a massive bureaucracy with complex functions and responsibilities throughout the world.

That’s not Donald Trump.

Republicans need to face harsh reality and forget about political advantage
for the moment.  Insist that his family have him evaluated by a competent,
independent medical professional who specializes in age-related mental
disorders.  If, as it appears, he has dementia, then he’s got to go.  Period.

Do it before he does something awful and irrevocable.