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All Reality Is Not Virtual

As a committed post-modern dinosaur, I have never tweeted, been on
facebook, LinkdedIn, reddit, or any other social media site. There are no
apps, devices or any other means of “syncing” an information flow in my
world.  My laptop is the whole ball of wax, device-wise.  I know not of
interacting online with groups of people. I just don’t get it.  But, clearly,
time has passed me by and I am officially irrelevant.

Twitter wars and their prominence among “news” stories in the media seem
mystifying.  Reading or watching stories about this phenomenon also seem
pretty funny.  All these characters with their thumbs flying, being egged on
by “news” reports, conjure up an image of a bunch of weenies engaging in
what amounts to electronic slap fights.  Hunched over their tiny devices, do
those engaging in the exercise actually believe it is the equivalent of some
sort of gladiatorial warfare?  I think they do.

Forget it folks, you’re not Russell Crowe, you’re Arnold Stang.

Tip: your busy thumbs are not the full extent of your physical
capabilities. You can get up and walk, talk to live humans in person, see
“real” things with your “real” eyes, feel the sun and wind, experience “real”
life firsthand.  Yeah, it’s kind of uncomfortable, but, probably good for ya.

See, if you’re confining yourself to virtual reality, your non-virtual
musculature and body parts are withering from lack of use and exercise. Your
overly active imaginations, seeing yourselves as some sort of latter day
cultural warriors are a bit over the top.  Okay, delusional.  There is such a
thing as “real” reality y’know.

It all seems hilarious to me, but with a looming downside which is apt to
wind up affecting all of us, including the ones who don’t tweet or who have
thoughts which won’t fit into 140 characters. People seem overly focused
on what’s being said on Twitter. The lazy media, too slack to actually go
out and find real news to report–well except for Richard Engel, Ben Weideman, Ivan Watson, et. al.–can just open up their devices, have a donut
peck out a thin story about what other people are doing in 140 characters,
and think they’ve reported the news.

I actually saw one of the former Fox News blondes, in full raccoon-eye
makeup, say recently, with the most earnest look, that “When the President
tweets, we have to report on it.”  No. You don’t. “News” is not confined to
what comes out of Donald Trump’s thumbs or mouth. Stuff is
happening–important stuff–out in the “real” world. If you work for a news
media organization, you and your colleagues are supposed to be telling the
rest of us about it.

And the putative “news” cable channels are ridiculous. MSNBC runs
non-stop Lock-up programs on the weekends, presumably because “real”
news doesn’t actually happen on weekends. CNN similarly doesn’t do
much live reporting on the weekends.  Possibly it’s because the “reporters”
don’t work weekends. But if you want your media company to be considered a
news organization, then you actually have to report real “news”.  Trust me,
there’s lots going on in the real world on weekends, despite what cable
news channel programmers think.

MSNBC also hired a guy, Brian Williams, who was fired for lying, to do an alleged news show. Why? Somehow his presence on the roster is supposed to increase the network’s credibility as a news network!  How does that work?
Has Mr. Williams dropped his habit of lying?  Sorry, I’m not buying it.

CNN has a morning “news” anchor who’s just a Fox News re-tread yakking
it up five mornings a week. Sorry, I’m not interested in FoxNews’ sloppy
seconds. Don’t hire a media whore and trot her out as a serious journalist,
and expect me to forget what she did before.

The ancillary world of internet trolls is similarly mystifying. Aren’t they
just what we used to call busybodies? Perhaps we should more accurately refer to them as E-busybodies instead of trolls.

The whole notion of spending hours just looking for something to be pissed
off about seems pretty unhealthy. Long ago I decided, when being overly
critical of others, that I’ll try to hold off on that until I’ve perfected me.
There’s a ton of work to be done there, so I’m not holding my breath about
when I can get back to telling everyone else how they should live their lives
and what choices they should make.

Meanwhile, I see that our president is meeting with Vlad Putin this Friday.
What has Vlad been tweeting about lately? I’m all agog with curiosity.

I’m also wondering what future archaelogists will make of the skeleton remains of all the tweeters out there.  “There seems to have been a popular cult which flourished tens of thousands of years ago which focused on those with very large thumbs.  Perhaps that characteristic was considered as beauty.  At this point, we just don’t know but all indications are that genetic thumb mutations became a socially desirable physical attribute at some point in the past.  That culture disappeared and we can only conjecture what might have happened to wipe it out.”



Hillary, Spare Us the Sackcloth and Ashes. Just Go Away!

For heaven’s sake, the election’s over, Hillary lost and still, eight days later, she continues hogging the stage with her needy supporters and forcing the rest of us to be their unwilling grief counselors.  What, exactly, are the protesters   expecting to achieve with all the marching?   We’re not gonna give you a do-over.  Forget it!  You lost!  It’s OVER!  Go home!

These folks’ histrionics have already made it clear that Hillary et. al. are far too
emotionally fragile and needy to be able to handle political power.  Last night’s
pathetic display of Hillary doing her version of sackcloth and ashes/Monty Python penance bit, was the last straw.  The only possible excuses for her giving a public speech now is that she’s simply addicted to attention and deluded enough to imagine that she’s still relevant.

Hillary, et. al.–you guys are weaklings.  Fortunately you lost before we could find out at some less convenient time that you’d fold like a cardboard suitcase at the first sign of adversity.  Just try to imagine these sobbing jellyfish being able to hold their own in talks or negotiations with, oh, say, Vladimir Putin and his KGB colleagues.

What really frosts me is that the rest of us are supposed to sympathize, empathize and otherwise coddle these whiners until they feel comfie enough to re-enter the over-protective bubble  they think is the real world.

Sorry, but, you election losers deserve no pity.  No one feels sorry for you except yourselves.  Go bake cookies or do whatever ya need to and pull yourselves together.  But stop expecting us to watch,  You’re an embarrassment to all of us and our country.  So…shoo!  G’way!  Scat.  Just get the ____ out of our lives wouldja please?

Women, Dems, Hillary; You’re Responsible for Losing, Not Comey!

Why did Hillary lose? Let’s see–when the dems said she was the most qualified candidate ever, the people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”.   When the dems said she’d be the first female president ever, people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”.   When the dems said,  in the primary season, that she has a gazillion unbound delegates’ votes, people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”.   When the dems said “but Bernie can’t win,” people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”. ” People kept saying that to pollsters too.   No one listened.

“What did we do wrong? What did we miss” is the hilarious refrain of the media about the election’s result.  Here’s what you media people did wrong.  You fabricated a narrative and cherry picked your data to make Hillary the “inevitable” candidate.  You, who seemingly live by polls, ignored the ones that all said Bernie could beat Trump and the ones that showed more mixed results for a Hillary/Donald matchup.

Then, much of the media leaned on the pro-Hillary stories so hard that it was obvious even to an independent with no particular political ideology.  Most of the media bound itself inextricably to the story that Hillary was going to be the first female president of the U.S.   Unfortunately for Hillary, the American media has a public approval rating of about 20%.   So, the media–a universally detested demographic–in binding itself to Hillary, bound Hillary to a dead weight–themselves and their inability to report the news, forgoing that responsibility in favor of trying to predict the news.

Why did Hillary lose?  Anybody could tell you in a New York minute.  Not only did Hillary, et. al.  commit to a fabricated narrative, they forgot that white people, including white men, vote too.  I heard one TV media commentator sneer that Trump’s election was just a “white vote”.   There wasn’t any sniping from dems about minorities voting their ethnicity.  And President Obama, who I really like, played both the race  and gender cards, right before the election.  So why would dems, women & Hillary expect other people, especially the males who’ve been pitched overboard by them, not to vote their gender/ethnicity?   This is strategy and tactics 101 and it was beyond the Hillary folks to do the simple math.  It’s not that they couldn’t.  They just wouldn’t.   Because that was not the story they liked.

And the dems, especially the older women, bought into the fabricated narrative–the “Hillary’s inevitable” one.  “Ooh, ooh, tell us the story again.  The one where Hillary gets to be the first female president and most powerful person in the world, and, and… ooh, we just love that story!”  Of course nearly everyone loves the story where a girl finally gets to be president.  But not Hillary.  People don’t like her.  They said so.

And, Hillary cheats.

Hillary lost in part because she and the unsavory people around her cheated blatantly.  Donna Brazile fed her, not only the debate questions, but from who and what vantage point to expect them.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz lost her position as DNC chair for sandbagging Bernie Sanders’ campaign.  Americans don’t like cheaters.  Those acts just reminded everyone who doesn’t cheat how hard it is when you have to compete against someone who does.

And, then there’s Hillary’s disdainful tone in a speech to Wall Street heavy hitters.  Y’know, when she said how, well, she doesn’t actually have much contact with the middle class anymore because of the economic thing.  (I think that means the $66 million she and Bill supposedly sucked out of the system, at least, they did according to Joe Scarbrough.)

Blaming James Comey?  Seriously?  Talk about poor sportsmanship!  Take responsibility for your failure Hillary!  If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror dems/ladies/Hillary!  Suck It Up!   By collapsing in grief over a political setback, you ladies are proving to the world that ya just can’t take the rough and tumble of high level power seeking.  For heaven’s sake, Andrea Mitchell was crying on air the other day!  Mika Brzezinski, on Thursday’s Morning Joe, looked like one of those POWs in enemy propaganda videos–beaten, broken, tortured, shocked, traumatized.   There were supposedly law school students who were too “traumatized” by the election to take an exam.  (Law professor, Jonathon Turley coined a great phrase for those psychologically frail individuals; “emotional hemophiliacs”.)

Here’s the scoop dems & women & Hillary–you bet against the red-blooded American male & all the women (moms, grandmas, sisters, aunts, cousins, colleagues, friends) who love them.  Even though minority men were nominally included in Hillary’s base, the impression I got was that even those guys were treated dismissively by the women; like, “oh them“.  And white males were persona non grata from jump.

Now, reap the whirlwind, if that’s in the cards.  However, I suspect Trump will tone it down, maybe even buckle down and study up on the myriad issues he’s never even thought about before this.  Maybe he’ll work hard, learn compassion and put those big brass ones ones of his to work for our country.  We’re all waiting with bated breath.