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Fired Sexist Google Guy Doesn’t Look Like He Knows Much About Women

Life once again has given me the chuckles.

There was a story making the rounds on the news about a male Google engineer who wrote an incredibly biased email/memo about how and why women are not well represented in STEM (science technology engineering & math) professions.  He got fired for it and seems genuinely clueless about why that might be.

Of course the self appointed expert on women apparently has no education or credible research experience to support his ludicrously ill-informed diatribe.

So just who is this knuckle-dragger anyway?

Photos of the guy, James Damore, 28 have shown up and it seems pretty obvious that he’s not likely to know much abut women. He’s an unattractive pencil necked geeky looking guy who is probably not besieged by adoring women looking to hook up with him.  I suspect he not only doesn’t know much about women but also probably doesn’t even know many women.

So how did this expert on women’s abilities come by his lofty hypothesis about women’s capabilities?  Why just like most ignorant people who insist on pretending to expertise they don’t possess–he pulled it right out of his ass.

Damore’s opining on his ludicrous female stereotypes sounds pretty much like racists opining about why one ethnicity or another is inferior.  Hey, he’s no sexist, he’s just pointing out the obvious–that women are inferior.  Just as white humans simply point out that non-white humans are inferior, or women go on endlessly about supposedly inherent male cluelessness.  Right?

No.  Wrong.  Stereotypical thinking is the antithesis of informed inquiry and/or the scientific method of determining what is and is not true.  It is definitely not science and it is always wrong.  People don’t fit into neat little slots, people’s erroneous thinking does.

But that’s how many racists, sexists, and others who would discriminate against any entire class of people, think.  They think they’re just pointing out the obvious.

I suppose at this point I should launch into a litany of the attributes of pencil-necked geeks but, well, I don’t actually believe in stereotypes.