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Media Once Again Its Own Worst Enemy

The media, in its frenzy to nail Trump to the wall, seems to be misrepresenting Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ possible involvement in Russian election meddling in 2016.  (And I am no Trump fan or hater.)  The media seems to be pushing the line that Sessions was, demonstrably, interacting with Russian official Sergey Kislyak regarding campaign issues.

But what is being referred to are supposed recordings of Kislyak telling his bosses that he’d had conversations with Trump about the campaign.  Yeah, why wouldn’t we all take Kislyak’s unsupported word for it?  Isn’t he a nice Russian spymaster (as opposed to, oh, say, Putin)?  Now in most of the media stories about this subject, way down near the end of the article it will say something about this information only being Kislyak’s unsupported assertions.

But lots of people don’t read to the end of an article, they just skim for general content.

This is exactly the kind of thing which makes people think all news is fake news.

What seems most disconcerting about the whole Russia election meddling issue is that the GOP appears to be no different from a commie fan club/cabal which, unfortunately in this case,  has managed to take over the USA’s government and is busily undermining the constitution and rule of law.

Why on earth would Trump, his supporters, or the GOP want to undermine an investigation into how extensive this Russian intrusion into our sovereign political process was during 2016?

Enquiring mind wants to know.


Carpe Diem Young Journalists–Now Is Your Chance for Glory

I’ve been fretting for some time about how few opportunities there are for young journalists and journalism students to sink their chops into something really meaty and write about something meaningful.  In the first place they exist in a journalistic environment which is more froth than beer.   And, of course, if they are active journalists with a media outlet, they only get to work on what they are assigned rather than what they may want to pursue.  Puff pieces are the name of the game in the establishment media.

But recent events and the corrosive corruption which are exploding in our society’s public life present a rare opportunity for young millenial investigative journalists.  I’m hoping they’ll smell blood and pounce on the stories with the ferocity and energy which only the young have in abundance.  Their complacent elders are tiptoeing around and walking on eggs like fearful weenies, hamstrung by their bunker mentality.  Those old media whores are too chicken to do this.

Come on brave millenial journalists!  Young people are always supposed to long for glory and a chance to show what they’re made of.  Here’s your big chance.  I know you can sniff out the green, rotting meat of dangerous conditions and unworthy politicians undermining our democracy.  You know how to dig into real in-depth research.  You have the internet, where Woodward and Bernstein were limited to actual on-the-ground sleuthing.

This is some really ugly s— coming down in our governance.  Expose it.  Please. There are a ton of us out here who will be pulling for you, and cheering you on.

Go to it.  Because your flaccid, sedentary,  scaredy cat elders aren’t likely to do it.  They have kids and mortgages.  They play it safe.   You don’t have to.  Bare your fangs.  Un- sheath your claws.  Lay back your ears and raise your hackles. Dig, dig, dig until your paws are bleeding and your claws are broken and worn.

Here’s you chance for lasting journalistic glory.  You can do it!  I have the greatest confidence in your ability to rise to the occasion. (And the greatest scorn for your sissy journalist elders.)   Hup, hup get off your asses and jump into the fray for the truth.

We’re starving out here–for courage,  honesty, substance and real facts, instead of opinions.  Sink your fangs in, grab the truth by the throat and shake it until it stops shape-shifting.  Then drag it back to the cave, carve it up and serve it to a grateful nation.

Mr. Trump, Please STFU About Celebrity Apprentice

Trump has been right about a lot of things.  Unlike many people protesting
the travel ban, he remembers that 19 dirtbags with box cutters killed about
3,000 people and brought our economy to a grinding halt.  (Possibly he
remembers because the ringleader spent his last night on the planet swilling champagne just a few minutes and miles from Mar-a-Lago.  Twelve of the 19 lived in Palm Beach County!)  Those rat bastards brought down some very expensive buildings and cost us all a bundle including cash for two huge new federal bureaucracies–TSA and Homeland Security–which we’ll be paying for until the end of time.  They cost us many lives in the wars which resulted.

Trump realizes they made air travel a misery to be borne, not enjoyed and caused us to lose our freedom forever through the Patriot Act, among other fallout from, and consequences of, the actions of 19 foreigners we let into our country without any vetting.

When Trump made his untoward remarks about people coming across the
border from Mexico, he was just repeating what the media had been telling
us for years.  That is, that illegal immigration was a dangerous business
where women and children were often raped or trafficked, where people
were murdered, robbed, and otherwise terribly abused.  When the media
said it, it was okay, but when Trump said it, well that was cause for outrage.
(Nowadays, what isn’t for the media?  Outrage sells and the media flacks
pump it and dump it like a damn penny stock swindler selling worthless

Trump’s right about limiting guest workers.  The big tech companies prefer
them to our own homegrown IT developers and engineers for one reason
only.  They come cheap compared to American employees.  They’re bad for
American workers.

That said, Trump seems far more interested in Celebrity Apprentice than the

For Pete’s sake Trump wouldja just STFU about Celebrity Apprentice!  It
was a banal, puerile and silly show.  I tried to watch it twice and couldn’t
get through ten minutes.  It’s the mortifying equivalent of Ronald Reagan’s movie “Bonzo Goes to Washington”.   Yeah, we’ve all done embarrassing things.  But most people don’t glory in those moments or brag endlessly about them to the whole world.

So, please, Trump–stop embarrassing yourself and us.  Cut it out. We don’t
want to hear it!  Stop making the rest of the world worry that the most
powerful man on the planet is treating the presidency of the United States
like a second job.  Celebrity Apprentice is not your day job anymore. Your constant obsessing over it makes you a ridiculous figure everywhere in the world.  Do you actually enjoy playing the buffoon?  Do it on your own time please, not as president.

As my dad used to say, “straighten up and fly right”.   Start acting like a
serious person who can distinguish between the relative importance of a
silly reality TV show and the presidency of the most powerful country in the

Just STFU about Celebrity Apprentice!


Women, Dems, Hillary; You’re Responsible for Losing, Not Comey!

Why did Hillary lose? Let’s see–when the dems said she was the most qualified candidate ever, the people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”.   When the dems said she’d be the first female president ever, people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”.   When the dems said,  in the primary season, that she has a gazillion unbound delegates’ votes, people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”.   When the dems said “but Bernie can’t win,” people said “But we don’t like her or trust her”. ” People kept saying that to pollsters too.   No one listened.

“What did we do wrong? What did we miss” is the hilarious refrain of the media about the election’s result.  Here’s what you media people did wrong.  You fabricated a narrative and cherry picked your data to make Hillary the “inevitable” candidate.  You, who seemingly live by polls, ignored the ones that all said Bernie could beat Trump and the ones that showed more mixed results for a Hillary/Donald matchup.

Then, much of the media leaned on the pro-Hillary stories so hard that it was obvious even to an independent with no particular political ideology.  Most of the media bound itself inextricably to the story that Hillary was going to be the first female president of the U.S.   Unfortunately for Hillary, the American media has a public approval rating of about 20%.   So, the media–a universally detested demographic–in binding itself to Hillary, bound Hillary to a dead weight–themselves and their inability to report the news, forgoing that responsibility in favor of trying to predict the news.

Why did Hillary lose?  Anybody could tell you in a New York minute.  Not only did Hillary, et. al.  commit to a fabricated narrative, they forgot that white people, including white men, vote too.  I heard one TV media commentator sneer that Trump’s election was just a “white vote”.   There wasn’t any sniping from dems about minorities voting their ethnicity.  And President Obama, who I really like, played both the race  and gender cards, right before the election.  So why would dems, women & Hillary expect other people, especially the males who’ve been pitched overboard by them, not to vote their gender/ethnicity?   This is strategy and tactics 101 and it was beyond the Hillary folks to do the simple math.  It’s not that they couldn’t.  They just wouldn’t.   Because that was not the story they liked.

And the dems, especially the older women, bought into the fabricated narrative–the “Hillary’s inevitable” one.  “Ooh, ooh, tell us the story again.  The one where Hillary gets to be the first female president and most powerful person in the world, and, and… ooh, we just love that story!”  Of course nearly everyone loves the story where a girl finally gets to be president.  But not Hillary.  People don’t like her.  They said so.

And, Hillary cheats.

Hillary lost in part because she and the unsavory people around her cheated blatantly.  Donna Brazile fed her, not only the debate questions, but from who and what vantage point to expect them.  Debbie Wasserman Schultz lost her position as DNC chair for sandbagging Bernie Sanders’ campaign.  Americans don’t like cheaters.  Those acts just reminded everyone who doesn’t cheat how hard it is when you have to compete against someone who does.

And, then there’s Hillary’s disdainful tone in a speech to Wall Street heavy hitters.  Y’know, when she said how, well, she doesn’t actually have much contact with the middle class anymore because of the economic thing.  (I think that means the $66 million she and Bill supposedly sucked out of the system, at least, they did according to Joe Scarbrough.)

Blaming James Comey?  Seriously?  Talk about poor sportsmanship!  Take responsibility for your failure Hillary!  If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror dems/ladies/Hillary!  Suck It Up!   By collapsing in grief over a political setback, you ladies are proving to the world that ya just can’t take the rough and tumble of high level power seeking.  For heaven’s sake, Andrea Mitchell was crying on air the other day!  Mika Brzezinski, on Thursday’s Morning Joe, looked like one of those POWs in enemy propaganda videos–beaten, broken, tortured, shocked, traumatized.   There were supposedly law school students who were too “traumatized” by the election to take an exam.  (Law professor, Jonathon Turley coined a great phrase for those psychologically frail individuals; “emotional hemophiliacs”.)

Here’s the scoop dems & women & Hillary–you bet against the red-blooded American male & all the women (moms, grandmas, sisters, aunts, cousins, colleagues, friends) who love them.  Even though minority men were nominally included in Hillary’s base, the impression I got was that even those guys were treated dismissively by the women; like, “oh them“.  And white males were persona non grata from jump.

Now, reap the whirlwind, if that’s in the cards.  However, I suspect Trump will tone it down, maybe even buckle down and study up on the myriad issues he’s never even thought about before this.  Maybe he’ll work hard, learn compassion and put those big brass ones ones of his to work for our country.  We’re all waiting with bated breath.


Ummm, Excuse Me CNN, Puerto Ricans Are NOT Permitted to Vote for US President!

I hope I misunderstood CNN’s Poppy Harlow this afternoon.  She was discussing the presidential election with someone–I wasn’t paying much attention, just flicking through channels, and didn’t notice who it was–when Ms. Harlow seemed to make an incredibly uninformed remark.  She was asking about the “growing Puerto Rican vote”.

Uhhh, Puerto Ricans, (and voters in the other U.S. Territories) are NOT, repeat NOT permitted to vote in U.S. presidential elections. They can vote in primaries but not the general election.  Ya’d think a political reporter/anchor should know that very basic fact.

I sure hope that I’m the one who’s wrong here and that I did misunderstand Harlow because, if not, then she is far too ignorant to be permitted to open her mouth on international television at least about the presidential election.

It was also evident today how individual TV “News” networks are trying to influence the vote.  Within five minutes I cycled through CNN, MSNBC and Fox News channels and they each had a different cherry-picked presidential poll that they were reporting.  Fox News said polls show Clinton five or six points ahead, CNN said she was ahead by 12 and MSNBC said she was 20 points ahead.

Of course, I rarely even look at the news anymore because of the incessant yammering about the election and the dearth of any real facts being reported while the respective “news” networks are spewing opinions day and night.  God only knows what might be going on in the rest of the world because we’re sure not gonna hear about it on the “news”.   Presumably this is not reporters’ fault, my guess would be they are all getting their marching orders from corporate HQs.

All together now–can you say “media whores”?


EU’s Juncker; Unqualified Clueless Old Fart, Former Prime Minister of Luxembourg!

Why is Britain being slammed for voting for Brexit, for leaving the totally lame EU?  Some more pertinent questions might be:  How did the capital of a pissant little country such as Belgium get to be the capital of Europe anyway, and wasn’t its only previous claim to fame as the overnight stop for Germany whenever it invaded France?   Jeez, Belgium can’t even protect itself, let alone provide and plan for  the security of a whole continent.  Brussels can’t even keep track of terrorists in its own tiny country, so why would anyone expect that they’d do a better job for the whole continent?  As it stands now the EU capital is seemingly awash with terrorists and the numbnuts in charge didn’t even realize it until bombs started going off several terrorist incidents ago.  Yeah, that inspires confidence, no?

And the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker?   You know, the old guy with the too-much-alcohol-nose and the snippy attitude, who won’t speak English in the EU anymore?   His previous claim to fame was as the Prime Minister of Luxembourg.  That’s right–Luxembourg!   That’s the country with a massive population of–wait for it–about 556,000 (in 2014) of which 44% are foreigners.  And Juncker gets to run Europe?   No kidding, that’s the resume which supposedly prepared him to manage the affairs of half a billion people.  That’s like telling us in the USA that the Bahamas should rule America and expecting us to hold still for it.

Now why would the UK bitch about this state of affairs?  Gee, one wonders.

Furthermore, in the history of “you can’t make this stuff up” Juncker’s rise to power is even more laughable.  He was in a traffic accident in 1989, apparently suffered a concussion and spent two weeks in a coma.  Immediately upon regaining consciousness he was elected to Luxembourg’s Chamber of Deputies and then promoted to Minister of Finance.  Of Luxembourg!  Hmmm, where have I heard this story before?  Oh, right.  Juncker’s like the character Chance Gardener in the movie “Being There”.   Remember?   The film is about a simpleton gardener, Chance, who corrupt and clueless politicians decide–through a bizarre set of circumstances–to choose as their candidate for President of the United States.  It’s a classic comedy about misplaced power.

How on earth did the continent of Europe become subjugated, voluntarily no less, to someone (Juncker) with flimsy qualifications and a country (Belgium) with similarly threadbare capabilities for running a continent?   It’s ridiculous and the UK is smart to get out while the gettin’ is good.

The financial world and the media, meanwhile, are having a bad case of the vapors (fetch me the smellin’ salts and a mint julep would ya dahlin’ ah feel faint) because a financial powerhouse like the UK decided to bail on this ship of fools.

Yeah.  Our oldest ally is getting pounded because they are practical, because they’d like to manage their own affairs, protect their own borders and determine wherein lies their own self-interest.  Bad Britain, bad.

Sorry, but the EU seems like an old whore–can’t be too picky, and will screw anyone and do anything for a few bucks.

And BTW, to what countries does the EU expect  the UK  to subordinate its own self interest?   Here are a few of the lesser lights:  Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland.  Nice countries to visit but would you really want to have your economy and security dependent upon them?  Don’t forget, EU membership means that anyone from these member countries can cross into the UK without being vetted, can secure employment, and, basically, be a citizen.

And guess who’s up next.  Serbia and Albania.  Not exactly beacons of human rights, peace, financial probity or stability, eh?

Yeah, America, how would you like that?  What could go wrong?  So give it a rest.  There are some things that are worth more than money, although I think big corporations may have bribed Congress to make saying so against the law.

What Would Mexicans Do?

Sometimes when presented with instances of seeming double standards it’s useful to reverse roles and see how that works.

So after watching protesters rioting in the street, under the Mexican flag, burning our American flag, and beating Americans up after a Trump rally in San Jose last week I tried that–flipped the participants’ roles.

Folks may remember that groups of protesters were violently assaulting people leaving the Trump event.  In one case a group of men cornered a young woman, shoving a Mexican flag in her face, spitting on her, pelting her with eggs
and in general committing what appeared to be felony assault (as police looked on and did nothing).  Soooo brave of those men.

Now I have no strong feelings about Donald Trump one way or the other.  I also do not harbor xenophobic views about Mexicans, and, in fact, have no particular opinions about them one way or the other either, since generalizing about an entire group seems illogical.  Besides, I know virtually nothing about Mexico after the reign of the Emperor Maximillian.  So there’s no factual basis for me to have any opinion about the country or its citizens.

Since the rioters were waving Mexican flags it seems reasonable to assume they were Mexican.  So my question is; what would happen if a crowd of Americans, under the American flag, rioted in Mexico, burned the Mexican flag and violently assaulted Mexican citizens while trying to disrupt a Mexican presidential candidate’s campaign rally?  There’d be hell to pay and those rioters would not be treated gently.  They’d get their butts beaten is my guess.

What about the media’s coverage of the assaults?  Oh the media whores seemed to think it was entirely appropriate.  One self-identified latina commentator opining on a talk show discussing the incident, said that waving the Mexican flag was just the rioters’ way of showing their latino pride.  No kidding.  Violently assaulting and degrading a woman for having the temerity to attend a Donald Trump rally, while waving a foreign flag and burning ours, on our soil, was “their way of showing their latino pride”.   (And the ever-so-cosmopolitan media wonders why the American public dislikes them so much.)

Aside from the question of what Mexicans would do if the roles in this incident were reversed, what’s the root of the obvious media bias against Trump and Bernie?   Hmmm, what could it be?  Oh, right– media providers of “news” coverage are mostly owned by large corporations.  Bernie won’t peddle his ass to them.  Donald Trump won’t be controlled by them.  They’re pretty sure that Hillary can be bought for the equivalent of a chicken dinner.  What’s the ROI on a quarter million bucks to purchase an unscrupulous pol who will run interference for those corporations?

End of conversation.