Is Donald Trump Gay But Can’t Bear to Admit It?

It’s hard to fathom what witches brew of psychological unease causes Trump to be so unrepentently vitriolic. The unendingly deep well of hate speech that erupts from his mouth and thumbs is unparalleled in presidential history. And I’ve wondered many times what could possibly account for someone being so monstrously uncomfortable in his own skin. He is clearly acting, playing a part instead of being genuine.  But why?

He’s like a horse with a burr under the saddle. And it’s not just painful to watch, his vicious temperament could easily get us all into a nuclear war. There’ll be no going back from that, should it happen.

There has to be something more than a predisposition to crankiness going on under that flimsy rainbow hued patch of hair poking out so oddly from his skull. My hypothesis is that he’s gay, which is not something anyone can squelch forever without serious emotional dislocation.

He was raised in a time and family in which it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to admit to such a thing. Even though being gay is perfectly normal and ordinary, Trump seems way too anxious to prove his masculinity, in his case by rampant womanizing and bragging about womanizing.

Doing the opposite of one’s natural inclinations used to be called reaction formation.  When the prospect of a trait, characteristic, or penchant is met with extreme disapproval by society, the person who has to pretend to be something the opposite of their true nature can suffer enormously.

I used to have a friend who was temperamentally exactly like Trump–effeminate, fussy, and unendingly verbally abusive for no apparent reason. The constant histrionics, the hateful speech and denigration of others who did not share his ethnicity (white, from Kansas) ultimately led to us not being friends anymore.  I just could not bear to listen to the sewer that was his tortured mind.

Then, finally,  he came out.  Except he did it in the worst possible way.  His very straight-laced father was on his death bed when this guy had a terrible temper tantrum and told his dad that he was gay and he’d be the end of the DNA line for his family.   Even for him that was inexcusably mean.

But I’ve heard that he’s a lot more mellow now that he’s not having to pretend to be something he’s not.

Maybe if Trump would just come out we’d all be a lot better off.


Not Collusion–Maybe Putin Hired (Or Coerced) Trump to Run for President

My sainted Catholic Mom (to borrow a phrase from Gen. John Kelly) used to say that if there’s an obvious answer it’s probably the answer.

Putin was head of the KGB.  The head spook for one of the most repressive regimes of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Donald Trump is a careless person.  No telling what he was up to in Russia.  Money laundering seems to fit the data, among other things.  And he appears to be depraved.  For God’s sake the man bragged about sexually assaulting women on a regular basis.  We have his own word for it.  On tape.  Uh huh.  Bragging about sexual assault.   Who does that?

What else might he have been up to in a far away place where the pesky American law enforcement community is also far away?

And how hard would it have been for Putin to recognize the potential benefits of having a supposed American billionaire on the payroll.  Blackmail and extortion would surely be in Putin’s bag of dirty tricks.

Maybe Putin decided to throw the dice and put up his own candidate for the U.S. presidency.   Someone recently observed that Putin manages Trump as if he’s a KGB “asset”.   Maybe that’s because Trump is a KGB asset.

The data sure seems to fit the hypothesis.  The hypothesis?   Trump is a bought and paid for, or coerced, Russian “asset”.

That’s gotta be the spook coup of the century.


Missing the Obvious

Why is everyone so surprised that powerful men sexually harass women?

One of the perks that powerful and/or wealthy men have always enjoyed is
that they get to do just about whatever they want. And very high on the list
of things powerful men want to do is have sex with beautiful women–whether those women want to or not.

This has been the custom in virtually every society since, oh, forever.  Now
all of a sudden it’s a real surprise to these men that the rules have changed.

D-u-u-uh. Remember Al Pacino’s buddy in the movie Scarface? He
explained it succinctly. First you get the money (and power) and then you
get the women.

So why is everyone so surprised? Being able to take whatever woman they
want is one of the main reasons men pursue power and wealth in the first
place. How could we not know that?


Sometimes I think Jack Nicholson was right in that old movie.

America, you can’t handle the truth. And if you can’t face it you can’t change it.

Alabama; Taker State Gets $2.46 for Every $1 Paid in Fed Taxes

Sooo, can it be true that we’re all subsidizing beggar state Alabama, which has its hand out to the tune of it receiving a 246% ROI (return on investment) from “we the rabble”?   Their investment?  Why it’s the pittance the poverty-stricken state actually pays in federal taxes.  No wonder they’re so “wut’less” as they’d say in the Caribbean.  It pays off bigly–to borrow from a well known serial chiseler–for Alabama to be a beggar.

When Alabama talks about draining the swamp, maybe we should say “You first”.

And to add insult to injury many of these folks wanted to send to the U.S. Senate a man so disrespectful of the U.S. Constitution that he had to be removed from the state Supreme Court in Alabama twice.  That was  because he was intent on enshrining his religion in public policy and spaces despite the pesky freedom of religion protections specifically enumerated in the very document he was sworn to uphold.   Last I heard he still hadn’t conceded either.

Soooo,  Moore presumably swore to uphold the Constitution.  He must  have had to in order to hold a position on the bench in the first place.  And then he refused to abide by that  oath.  Then, uuhhhh, doesn’t that make him de facto a liar at best, a seditious traitor at worst?

While everyone was focusing on his sexual antics Moore got a total pass on his repeated refusal to act, as a public official, within the constraints of the Constitution.  That seems a lot worse than hitting on teenyboppers.

There was an article in the news recently about Alabama having the highest poverty rate in the nation–equivalent to some third world countries.

Maybe if we stopped giving them so much for nothing in the way of other states’ tax dollars spent vs. Alabama tax dollars received, these folks would get their ass in gear and start working for a living.  Maybe we should make them pay their fair share.

Yes.  Why not take Alabama, one of the biggest welfare queens among the 50 states,  off the dole until their elected officials recognize the Constitution as a binding document and until they go to work?  No more freebies.

To quote from a famous “Nazi” on the old sitcom Seinfeld,  “No soup for you!” Alabama.

What would Jesus say?

“Get off your lazy butts.  Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, or hadn’t ya heard?”

Told Ya So–Bannon’s a Loser

The December 12, 2017 election results in Alabama confirm what I’ve already said. Steve Bannon’s a ridiculous figure.  Snoopy  sitting atop his little dog house with his weapons in his hands, fighting aerial battles with imaginary German biplanes is a perfect image for Bannon.

He’s Deputy Barney Fife, fumbling for the bullet the real sheriff only allows him to carry in his shirt pocket, so inept and prone to misfiring his weapon is he.  Barney was prone to hyperbole and ludicrous conspiracy theories too, just as the strutting Bannon is when performing his patronizing jester routine before a crowd.

He’s F Troop not the Light Brigade.  Or as someone other than I also observed recently, he looks like some disheveled old drunk who wanders in off the street , onto the stage, and starts ranting about whatever goes on in drunks’ heads.

He’s no Machiavelli, just a pathetic old fat man who appears to drink way too much and is reportedly a wholly owned subsidiary of some gazillionaire named Mercer.

It’s time for Bannon to go back to what I think is an appropriate ecological niche for a man of his talents.  He should be organizing bum fights under some overpass or bridge.

Charge spectators a quarter apiece Mr. Bannon.  That’s the going rate for the kind of public spectacle for which you’re suited.  It’ll keep you in cheap wine, even though your political empire has evaporated.

What would Jesus say?  “You’re not planning on entering Dad’s House are ya?  Because he’s not all that into hate speech.  Just sayin’. “

Holy S—t End Days Must Be Near As Dolphins Outplay Patriots

Last night we all witnessed a genuine miracle on TV.  The normally-hapless Miami Dolphins outplayed the New England Patriots from start to finish in Miami.

In South Florida we are used to our professional sports teams letting us down.  We natives accept that with resignation and stoicism.

Never forget for a moment that I was born in “Corruption County” (as it was dubbed by Time Magazine).   Corruption isn’t a way of life here, it’s an art form, possibly even a science.   (At one point an entire quorum of county commissioners were convicted of felonies and removed from their posts to various forms of court ordered supervision.)  And further south Miami Dade elected officials regularly are sent to lockup for their various infractions of the law.

I mention this to put perspective  on the relatively less dire fact that our  often under-performing sports teams are the least of the state’s underperformers.   Still, they do disappoint on a regular basis.

Dolphins fans are among the unsung, comparable to those who perennially root for the Chicago Cubs in baseball.  They expect their hopes to be dashed annually but remain faithful anyway.  That is how the universe works.

So imagine my unease at the clear evidence that the end times are near which played out last night on TV.  Supposedly, when the end times are imminent, implausible events, supernatural events, begin happening.  People will supposedly start floating up into the sky.  Etc.

I saw it with my own eyes.  A young man named Mr. Xavien Howard floated up into the sky and was handed the Tom-Brady-thrown football by some supernatural being.  The Miami Dolphins implausibly beat the New England Patriots (which team, BTW, native Floridians are required to hate because of the omnipresent carpetbagger issue) like a Mississippi mule last night.

The often-bumbling Dolphins not only out-scored the Patriots, they played a sublime game.  Magical interceptions left the nation’s collective jaws hanging agape.   How in the hell Xavien Howard stole that second intercepted pass from the hands of Brandin Cook in the third quarter defies all laws of Newtonian physics.  Yeah, Mr. Howard went all quantum physics on us last night.  Sublime.

Similarly scintillating offensive pass receptions, some snatched from the very hands of Patriots defenders, seemed to defy reality.  How did those Dolphins receivers pull those off anyway?

The Dolphins didn’t just beat the Patriots, they often seemed to be on the field alone, so feeble was New England’s defense and offense.  Offensive passes went to receivers with Patriots’ defensive team(s) appearing to be moving in slow motion.

Of course there could be an alternative explanation.  Obeah.  Gris gris.  Santeria.  Novenas.  The deeply religiously faithful of Miami Dade may simply have called on their gods to act collectively to give the poor long-suffering Dolphins a lift.  Or perhaps they wanted divine intervention because of wagering considerations.  What the hell were the odds on the outcome of last night’s game, BTW?

Whatever, my advice is get right with your God immediately.  The end times are nigh.  The Miami Dolphins beat the new England Patriots 27 – 20 on 12/11/17.  And they shut down those infidels by denying them a single third down conversion.  Don’t tell me divine intervention wasn’t involved.  Don’t tell me it wasn’t a sign.

U.S. Women Seem Too Emotionally Frail for the Workplace

Apparently American women are entirely too weak and emotionally frail for a workplace with men in it.  To borrow a phrase a lawyer on TV used, too many women seem to be emotional hemophiliacs.  Maybe they’re just too fragile to roll with the ups and downs of every day normal life.  Here’s a tip, ladies.  The constitution guarantees you certain rights.  NOT among them is a right to get through life without being offended or insulted.  It happens.  And when it does, you should stop expecting the rest of us to drop everything and purge whatever little thorn is in your side from society as a whole.

Ladies–learn to take care of yourselves.  The rest of us are busy.  If you can’t handle that simple chore, stay home.  Your delicate sensibilities are a pain in the ass.  Grow up.   Toughen up.

The histrionics of young women reporters having the vapors over men stealing a kiss or making a pass are an embarrassment to our gender. And they cheapen the real trauma suffered by victims of genuine sexual assault.   If their psyches are so delicate that they run screaming into the night when a guy makes a crude joke, then they should stay home.   If, like one of the women accusing Roy Moore, they are still sobbing forty years later because “I thought he was going to rape me” that is just ridiculous.  He didn’t.  Forty years is ample time to get over the “trauma”.

That girl could have just learned the lesson that a young woman needs to watch her step around men and simply have been more careful in the future.  I’m not victim blaming here, just saying that, on the scale of horror, a man putting your hand on his dick is just not that bad.  Icky if ya don’t see it coming, but not horrific.

In the first place, you may not like the truth but the fact of the matter is that forty years ago it was not unheard of in the South for 14 year old girls to be sexually active. It’s sad to know that back then being sexually attractive was for many young rural girls the sole bargaining chip in trying to obtain any measure of social power or standing.

When reporter Katie Tur whined about how accusations of Roy Moore’s sexual harassment were “truly horrific” I wanted to throw up!  No, Ms. Tur, they are icky and gross.  But those acts are definitely not “horrific”.

Would you like to know what “truly horrific” is Ms. Tur? It’s a Mayan woman in rural Florida forced into prostitution. She was found by law enforcement bent over in an agricultural field, skirt pulled up, with a pimp charging two bucks apiece to rape her from behind. The Mayan men were lined up for their turn.  There wasn’t even an arrest, the cops just broke it up.  No “witnesses” would testify.

Would you like to know what “truly horrific” is Ms. Tur? It’s a Mayan woman selling her daughters into prostitution in a hellish trailer with no running water, electricity or toilet.  Yeah, that really happened.  Except those probably weren’t her daughters, more likely they were young girls who’d been trafficked.

Would you like to know what “truly horrific” is?  It’s a guy beating the crap out of a woman or young girl because she said “no”.   It’s a guy sticking a knife in a woman or young girl because she wouldn’t have sex with him.  It’s a guy pistol whipping a female for not “putting out”.

Would you like to know what “truly horrific” is? It’s a twelve year old pregnant girl who doesn’t speak Spanish or English, only Kanjobal.  How is she going to report what happened to her when her obscure dialect is incomprehensible and she is never going to learn a language with which she can communicate how this happened?

Would you like to know what “truly horrific” is?  It’s a woman in her thirties, living in a garbage dump and having a child by her 15 year old son.

At Thanksgiving dinner a few days ago my male friends and I, all native Floridians, talked about how, back in the day, the term “jail bait” was a joke. Young girls would try out their newly discovered sexual “wow” power before they realized that some men, once aroused, won’t take no for an answer.

Roy Moore’s a creep but what he is alleged to have done is not horrific, it’s icky. What is horrific about him is that he will not uphold the Constitution, that he seeks to force his religion on the rest of us whether we happen to be Christian or not.  What is horrific about him is that he wrote that women should not be permitted to run for office–another constitutional right he would choose not to exercise.

If every guy who ever made a pass, stole a kiss, or made a stupid joke about groping is going to have to leave his job and society and don sackcloth and ashes, well, there aren’t going to be many men in public life.

What is truly horrific is that there is going to be a fierce backlash when men tire of women castigating, complaining and constantly moving the acceptable behavior bar.  It will come when men realize that, no matter how they try to figure out what is and is not appropriate, American women (s0me of them at least) are never going to be satisfied and will just keep on bitching.

They’re like the fisherman’s wife in the old tale.  No matter what she demanded of a magic fish, when he gave it to her she just came up with another demand.  Finally the fish realized there was no pleasing her and took back all the advantages, social positions and stuff he gave her and she found herself back in her original state, poor and powerless.

Keep it in mind you emotionally frail women.  If you can’t handle the normal, everyday irritations and indignities which life inevitably heaps on everyone now and then, well…just stay home.  Because otherwise you are going to make women unemployable.  No one’s going to give someone a job if it means everyone else perpetually has to walk on eggshells lest women’s delicate psyches be even slightly bruised.

No one invited women into the workplace, they banged down the door to get access to upper echelon jobs.  They wanted a place at the table.  The second they got it, women started bitching and moaning about how they didn’t like the table.

Ladies, stop the witchhunt for males who may have stolen a kiss or made a pass.   Enough with the “zero tolerance” crap.   How about a sense of proportion and letting the crime fit the punishment.

What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?