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Montenegro, Start Brushing up on Russian Language Skills

Montenegro, when Trump started mentioning you as the NATO weakest link it should have raised a red flag. Well, actually, it should have raised the hair on the back of your collective necks.

Did Trump give your country to Putin as a “hostess gift” when he was groveling for Vlad’s approval in Helsinki a couple of days ago?

Y’know, asNeville Chamberlain, another weak sissie/traitor gave a big chunk of Yugoslavia to Hitler back in the day. Remember? They called it the Sudetenland, as if it was a separate country, which it was not. Look it up.

The Russian tanks should be rumbling in any day now Montenegro.

Get out your tiny Russian flags to wave as your new masters roll into town. I’m sure they’re very nice folks driving those tanks.

There’s no proof but Trump isn’t exactly a five-moves-ahead-chess player. Nuance isn’t his thing. No one’s ever on his “it’s all about me” radar screen unless he’s planning on rolling them, or at least that’s how it seems to me.

It’s been nice knowing you, Montenegro. Start picking out a new name.


Melania, Lose the Attitude You Lazy, Shallow Clotheshorse

I was prepared to give Melania the benefit of the doubt when her husband
was elected president.  Maybe it would be enough for her to look fabulous,
which she always does.  But in the postmodern era more is generally
expected of the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS).

The media encourages our lazy, shallow FLOTUS by applauding her
arrogance and perpetually disdainful sneer/smirk. But I’ve actually known
people of real quality. Some of them are very wealthy and some, dirt poor.
Real people of quality don’t behave that way.   But, of course, quality and economic status are not necessarily the same thing.

Melania, her fat husband, and his dreary family will never be people of real
quality. They’re gilt not gold–a thin shiny veneer covering base metal, so
to speak.

To her credit, Melania had the onions to leave her country and enter the
vicious, cutthroat world of international high fashion modeling. That is not
a venue for the faint of heart. And she’s not stupid–she speaks five
languages, although probably not well. That must be useful when meeting
with foreign dignitaries.  And she doesn’t make the fashion mistake of encrusting herself with too much expensive jewelry, even though she must have plenty.

But she’s still a relatively uneducated peasant, from a commie country that
hates America.  It sure seems as if her perpetual sneer shows us just how she feels about us and our country.

She lied on her website (and the RNC’s) about having a college degree from
a particular Slovenian university when she knew it wasn’t true. Then she
shamelessly plagiarized from a Michelle Obama speech.

One could get kicked out of a university here in the USA for plagiarism.  If one actually attended a university that is.

What really frosted me was her stunningly selfish “let them eat cake”
moment when she refused to attend the G-7 summit after the Stormy
Daniels and Karen McDougal stories hit the nightly news.  Just to let us
know how pissed off she was, Melania then spent about $74,000 worth of taxpayer money for a one day spa trip to Mar a Lago to sulk.

Next time your husband gets caught out Melania, why don’t you donate
$74,000 of your own money to a charitable cause instead.  Spare us the

She knew what she was doing when she married. Why should “we the
rabble” have to shell out $74,000 just because she got what she signed up for–a
serial womanizer humiliating her in front of the whole world?

And, worse, there’s the time, recently, when that spoiled serial pouter wore
the infamous “I Really Don’t Care” jacket.  She was on the way–again at
taxpayer expense–to visit the border where her husband was responsible for
what amounts to the kidnapping of thousands of children. Those kids have
yet to be reunited with the families from which they have been stolen.
Yeah, no kidding. She wore a jacket with “I Really Don’t Care” emblazoned on it, to and from visiting her husband’s people-in-a-cage production.  Did she bring a bag of popcorn to munch on while watching the show?  S-o-o-o-o amusingly interesting, no?   People in a cage–it would make a great party theme in Trumpworld.

Why did she even go there?  Was she looking for the wall her husband hasn’t built?  Did she want to experience, vicariously, how the drabbies live?

You “don’t care” Mrs. Trump? Yeah, we know. It shows. But why would
you care anyway?  In the first place, you’re from a commie homeland where thugs rule and citizens drool.  And in the second place, where would you ever have learned to behave any better?

“I really don’t care”? Yeah, you uneducated cow, we know. It shows. But,
unfortunately for our country, you are right now representing the 330-plus
million Americans as First Lady.  So ditch the attitude and stop being so
damn snotty.

Slap your best insincere smile on your pretty face and get to work you lazy

Would It Be Inappropriate for Prince Philip to Bitch Slap Trump?

I know the Queen is far too well behaved to do something like that but the
crusty and (unlike Trump) über manly Duke of Edinburgh may be a different

No one would mind, sir. Your people would stand up and cheer after the
coarse, vulgar, crude behavior to which our a-hole president has subjected
your country, Prime Minister, and people. (Face it, Trump’s the type who’d
fart at the dinner table, then pick his nose–a total pig.)

Right now there are probably many people in the USA who would stand up and cheer too should the unfiltered Prince Consort/Duke of Edinburgh feel compelled to smack President (AKA “Fat Donnie”) Trump with a good hard shot to the chops for the way he has behaved toward England, its allies, NATO and common decency–of which Trump knows not.

But, please Prince Philip–don’t leave any marks. Trump wants to look his
best for his prom date with Vladimir Putin. We’re all agog/aghast waiting for the
photos of Putin sitting in front of the fireplace, with pipe and slippers and
his poodle Donald Trump curled up on the floor at his feet. Ya just know
he’ll be crawling on his belly and wagging his fat tail hoping for a pat on
the head and maybe even a treat. (Sit. Stay. Staaaay. Shake hands. Sit up
and beg. Good boy. Gooood boy.)

So–Who Else Could Trump Assassinate Besides Comey? Duck Mr. Sessions!

If, as Court Jester Rudy Giuliani claims, president Trump could shoot James Comey and not be indicted, who else might be eligible for our twitchy president to prosecute with a bullet?

Jeff Sessions, you’d better borrow a couple of EPA chief Scott Pruitt’s supernumerary bodyguards.  Because, not to be rude but,  I think you’re at the top of the Trump “I could shoot him and not get indicted” list. The guy’s the loosest cannon ever in the White House so maybe you shouldn’t press your luck with him.

You might want to skip those cabinet meetings  Mr. Sessions.

And, BTW, never sit with your back to a window or a door. Your boss has a bit of a problem with impulse control.  And he’s buddies with some ruthless dictators.

Just sayin’.

GOP Thoughts and Prayers? Yada Yada; GOP Heartfelt Plea? NRA, More Cash Please

After the Parkland mass murders, and now after the Santa Fe school shootings, GOP politicians trotted out the same old insincere BS as always. They pretend to be shocked, shocked at the mayhem.  After Parkland, at first the useless Floriduh legislature refused even to take up any bill related to gun violence.  They did have time, however, to pass a resolution that mandates that all public schools and other public buildings must have the phrase”In God We Trust publicly posted.

Well, in a sense they’re right–God may take care of us but the GOP surely won’t.  They’re way too busy counting cash from the NRA.

Paul Ryan wasted no time in saying that  “This is not the time” to talk about restricting second amendment “rights”.   Because, whipped pup that he is,  he’s not gonna go against his wealthy owners.   It’s obvious that Ryan’s more concerned about keeping GOP cash flow than protecting citizens.  Yeah, he’s a real profile in courage!  Don’t let the door hit ya in the butt on the way out of the House of Representatives, Ryan.

It’s not just him.  The whole GOP and its Lilliputian  candidates and elected officials will always have their grubby paws out to the National Rifle Association, (NRA)–which gives them hundreds of millions of dollars–and anyone else who’ll give them cash.

As the old song goes; “Money.  Money, money, money, money.”   The GOP should just be straight up about it and adopt that song as the party’s anthem.  Maybe they could change the hypocritical slogan they sanctimoniously spout–“In God We Trust”– to the more pragmatic and accurate “In Cash We Trust”.

Because the GOP couldn’t care less about kids, teachers or USA citizens in general.

What the GOP “leadership,” and GOP beneficiaries of the NRA’s filthy lucre, care about is money and doing the bidding of their donors to keep that liquid cash flowing smoothly into party coffers.

So, please, GOP, spare us your crocodile tears and sanctimonious “concern” for the latest collateral damage from your gutless refusal to take sensible steps to at least expand background checks for potential gun purchasers.  That latest school shooting damage was only a paltry 10 lives and a handful of wounded kids.  Well worth the price, eh?  It’s a veritable pittance, in the GOP grand scheme of things.

GOP, you’re the enablers here.  You commie sympathizers are as unpatriotic as it gets.

Democracy?  You can’t handle democracy.  You people just don’t get it, and you’re never gonna get it.  You’re contemptible.  And predictable.  And on a moral par with the Dems, who are similarly inured to the lives of non-constituents and constituents alike.

What would Jesus say to the GOP?

“Hell is way too good for you people.”


Trump Would Have Run In and Taken Out the Parkland Shooter? Seriously?

Since we’ve all seen that the best pace our tubby president can muster is a slow waddle, his boast is only partly plausible.  Assuming that he’d been there and actually taken any part in an attempted rescue of the children under attack in Parkland, I think it would have played out something like this.

The most charitable interpretation of what Trump might have done had he been near the massacre is that he’d have charged along on his golf cart, and maybe–maybe–waddled down a hallway or two looking for an elevator rather than taking the stairs, (out of the question).  Then, exhausted, he’d have slumped against a wall wheezing from the effort of walking any farther from his golf cart than his usual distance.  That would normally be between his cart and where his ball lies on a fairway or green.

Of course, he’s never demonstrated a scintilla of courage in all the years he’s been braying on our TV screens, long before the Russians put him up to running for president.  (Coercion or bribery, inquiring minds want to know–but no icky details, please.  Some of us have weak stomachs.)  So it seems improbable that he would have done a damn thing.

But he would have said he did.  In his demented brain the two are seemingly the same.   (What really happened and what he said–after the fact– happened would not, in a million, billion years actually be the same. )

Yeah, I can see him zipping along in his golf cart, hair flying, bald spot showing, rolls of fat jiggling, racing away from any possible danger as quickly as possible.   Just like Fearless Leader of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame, our cartoon of a president would have made us laugh.

Or would have if it weren’t for the gruesome fact that real children were dying, their internal organs and bones being blown apart because no one–NO ONE–except the brave Coral Springs police officers, a few teachers, and the children themselves showed any courage at all during the horrific tragedy.

So zip it Mr president.  At this point we’d all probably be satisfied if you would just stop fooling around, tweeting, bragging, stuffing your face with KFC and Big Macs, and actually put in a day or two of actual work at your job.

But we know that’s not gonna happen.

“Bwana” Donnie Jr. “Likes” Parkland Shooting Denier Hate Tweets

“Bwana” Donnie Jr. Trump, big game hunter and useless lump of protoplasm, is the rotten apple that didn’t fall far from his father’s twisted tree. He’s always had plenty of time on his hands, having nothing better to do than ride the coattails of daddy dearests. A lot of that time has been spent gunning down hapless prey for no better reason than that he likes to kill.  So it’s no wonder that he didn’t see anything wrong with a bunch of kids being gunned down in a Parkland, Florida school.  Wild prey, kids, what’s the diff, right?  It’s all good, as the saying goes.

Now Bwana Donnie doesn’t realize he’s an ambulatory piece of trash. People have always bowed and scraped to him, not because of any inherent quality (relative term) but because people want to curry favor with his creepy daddy. Daddy bragged on tape about the joys of serial sexual assault and how he could get away with it because he’s a star (also a relative term). So you can kind of see where Bwana Donnie got his twisted and unrealistic sense of self and entitlement.

But even for this empty vessel his latest behavior is off the charts awful.

An even dirtier dirtbag, Lucian Wintrich, referring to the Parkland shooting victims and survivors, on the website Gatweway Pundit, tweeted that “[M]any of these other students are being used as marionettes by the far left and deep state because they were able to run out of a building.  There is no credibility there and it’s disgusting to watch.”

Yeah, all they did was run out of a building.  One wonders how Mr. Wintrich would tweet after he had occasion to run for his life from someone with a gun.

That tweet was disgusting enough but the real outrage is that the entitled twit Bwana Donnie “liked” the tweet via a Twitter link.  (Maybe Eric really is the smart one.)  Yes, the hopelessly empty-headed son of the President of the United States actually liked a tweet that called the Parkland massacre survivors people who just ran out of a building.  No kidding.

What would he have to say, or tweet, if it were his kids who had to run for their lives or, even worse, were left lying on the ground bleeding or dead.  I doubt he’d be so flip about that.

The Trump family is, plain and simple, hopelessly low class.  You can dress them up, you can teach them to use the right fork, but they will never be “A list” people.  Yeah, you can dress them up but ya sure can’t take them out in public.  They will embarrass themselves every time.  And they probably don’t even know it.

I believe Bwana Donnie, is even worse than the face-biting cannibal from South Florida.  At least the cannibal had the excuse of being crazy and high on drugs.  But you, Bwana Donnie, you’re just a useless waste of oxygen along with the rest of your godforsaken immediate family.  (Some of the other Trumps, like Donad Sr.’s sister for instance,  are actually productive, decent citizens who refrain from such dreadful behavior.)

What would Jesus say?  “Hell is way too good for you people.”