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Not Collusion–Maybe Putin Hired (Or Coerced) Trump to Run for President

My sainted Catholic Mom (to borrow a phrase from Gen. John Kelly) used to say that if there’s an obvious answer it’s probably the answer.

Putin was head of the KGB.  The head spook for one of the most repressive regimes of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Donald Trump is a careless person.  No telling what he was up to in Russia.  Money laundering seems to fit the data, among other things.  And he appears to be depraved.  For God’s sake the man bragged about sexually assaulting women on a regular basis.  We have his own word for it.  On tape.  Uh huh.  Bragging about sexual assault.   Who does that?

What else might he have been up to in a far away place where the pesky American law enforcement community is also far away?

And how hard would it have been for Putin to recognize the potential benefits of having a supposed American billionaire on the payroll.  Blackmail and extortion would surely be in Putin’s bag of dirty tricks.

Maybe Putin decided to throw the dice and put up his own candidate for the U.S. presidency.   Someone recently observed that Putin manages Trump as if he’s a KGB “asset”.   Maybe that’s because Trump is a KGB asset.

The data sure seems to fit the hypothesis.  The hypothesis?   Trump is a bought and paid for, or coerced, Russian “asset”.

That’s gotta be the spook coup of the century.



National Candidates Should Have to Mud Wrestle for Their Positions

The riveting video of the leader of the free world wrestling with a CNN muck-up, uhhh mock-up, left me stunned and in awe.  That’s the answer to elections.  Americans love professional wrestling, they love politics, and they like to see people get dirty.  And they love people in wrestling costumes.

So there you have it.  Mud wrestling.  Winnah takes the election.

Thank you Donald Trump.  It was your stellar example of buffoonery, rolling around like a walrus on Vince McMahon with a CNN logo where his head should be which inspired me.  Mud wrestling for political posts.  You, sir,  are an inspiration.

Perhaps you could engage that nice man, Mr, Putin in similar hijinks when you meet with him this week at the G20 summit.  He likes to wrestle and is, I think, a judoka.  Yes, our president in a contest of manliness with Vladimir Putin, former head of the KGB would be a ratings smash hit.  Not to be unsupportive of our president, but, my money would have to be on Putin in that matchup.

I hear our side doesn’t have an agenda for the meeting with Vlad.  Ya might wanna think about getting one together before then fellas.  (I know, I know, no girls allowed.)

But, of course, you boys don’t need some bystander from the peanut gallery giving unsolicited advice.




What Would Jesus Think of Watching Golf on TV?

I was watching the US Open golf tournament this afternoon.  It was
too rainy and stormy to go outside and I’ve already seen all the reruns of CSI
Miami–the only remotely interesting program on the 90 or so available viewing channels.

Now, I can understand people playing golf–we’re a nutty species after all.
The oddest things entertain us.  But watching somebody else play golf?
Sorry but you lose me there.

So I started wondering–what would Jesus think about that questionable
pastime.  It would be sacrilegious to pretend to know what a divinity thinks, but here’s a hypothesis anyway.

Maybe His opinion would go something like this.

“I allowed myself to be tortured to death in the most gruesome way–all to
save your sorry ass souls. You’re supposed to thank me one day a week.  One damn day!  Is that asking too much?  And this is what I get?  Millions of you, glued to some inanimate rectangular object, staring intently at a handful of guys hitting a tiny ball with sticks?

“D’you realize life is finite?  Clock’s tickin’ people.  Y’know I’m comin’ back with an army one of these days don’t ya?  And I’m not gonna be in a good mood.  Just sayin’ ”

Tillerson on TV Being Led on Leash by Russian Foreign Minister

So I saw the Russian Foreign Minister on TV with a Putin poodle, AKA
Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. The Russian thug, Sergey Lavrov,
sneered at the media and copped an attitude then led Tillerson away on his
leash. I guess Tillerson hasn’t been completely trained yet because he was
at heel on the wrong side of Lavrov. Dogs at heel are supposed to walk quietly on
their lead slightly behind the left leg, not the right.

It’s okay Rex, you’ll get fully trained soon enough. Do ya miss your balls?

What an insult to the American people to have the surrogate for Trump’s
Russian master, Putin, treat our media like that in our own country.  I guess
the Russians don’t even need to pretend to be our equals anymore.  (Actually they have never been so in reality, only in their own estimation.)

I wish they’d go ahead and release the pics of Russian hookers peeing on
Trump (ick, no, double ick!) and get it over with.

Remember the book “Advise and Consent” (by Allen Drury) which had the
then-unthinkable premise that Russian agents had infiltrated the highest
levels of American politics and government?  I guess Vladimir Putin read it too.

Can you say “President Pence”? C’mon Congress, get on with the
impeachment. It’s not as if you’re busy doing anything except being on
vacation and dodging pissed off constituents.

BTW, where does the Tea Party stand on having our president bowing and
scraping to a damn brutal dictator, formerly head of the KGB?  What’s that
sound I hear? Why it’s scumbag Joseph McCarthy spinning in his grave.  (Which is actually a good thing.)

Remember that old book “None Dare Call It Treason” by some ultra right winger John Stormer?  It seemed ludicrous  back in the day.  Now, not so much.  People are starting to call Trump’s subservience to Putin treason.  For a reason.

How I Got My Name and the Conqueror of Ossory

The following incident took place sometime in 1169 or 1170 during
Strongbow’s conquest of Ireland.  Ossory was a petty kingdom of Ireland at
the time.  The occasion of the Irish conquest by Strongbow was at the
behest of Dermot Mac Murchada, King of Leinster who, after stealing
another king’s wife, was dispossessed of his kingdom.  Strongbow was
promised Dermot’s daughter Aoife (MacDermot) by her father, if he would
help him (Dermot) get his kingdom back.  Strongbow‘s real name was
Richard Fitzgilbert De Clare and his wife thus became Aoife MacDermot De
Clare when she married Strongbow.  (And that is from whence comes my
name.)  There is a famous painting depicting the marriage of Strongbow and Aoife in the Irish National Gallery.  Dermot, who was responsible for Ireland
being conquered by Strongbow and held in subjugation by the English from
that time until the 19th or 20th century, depending upon how you look at it,
is one of the great villains of Irish history.

Here’s what happened before the conquest of Ossory during that war,
according to Gerald of Wales in his history The Conquest of Ireland.
(Gerald was not only a medieval historian, he was also the tutor of  two sons
of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II, King of England, i.e. Richard the
Lionheart and John Lackland, later King John.)

…Duvenald, the prince of Ossory, was the most implacable of all the
enemies of Dermitius (Aoife Note; Dermot) and some time before,
when the son of Dermitius was his prisoner, having become jealous of him,
he carried his vengeance to such a pitch, that he put out his eyes. …

Dermot’s, or actually Strongbow’s, army assaulted Ossory and won the day.
Dermot wasn’t exactly gracious in victory.

…The victory being thus gained, about two hundred
of the enemies’ heads were collected and laid at the
feet of Dermitius, who, turning them over one by one, in
order to recognize them, thrice lifted his hands to heaven
in the excess of his joy, and with a loud voice returned
thanks to God most High.  Among them was the head of
one he mortally hated above all the rest, and taking it up
by the ears and hair, he tore the nostrils and lips with his
teeth in a most savage and inhuman manner. …

And we think we live in violent times.  Talk about needing an anger management course.

If I could go back in time and speak to Dermot, I think the conversation
would go something like this:

“Now, ya just gotta reel it in a notch or two.  Calm down.  Y’know, attenuate your responses just a tad.  Here, I have something for you.  It’s called Prozac. Really, take one, you’ll feel much better and maybe won’t be so high strung.  No, I am not possessed of the devil, it’s just a pill.  Hey, put down that sword…”


What Would Mexicans Do?

Sometimes when presented with instances of seeming double standards it’s useful to reverse roles and see how that works.

So after watching protesters rioting in the street, under the Mexican flag, burning our American flag, and beating Americans up after a Trump rally in San Jose last week I tried that–flipped the participants’ roles.

Folks may remember that groups of protesters were violently assaulting people leaving the Trump event.  In one case a group of men cornered a young woman, shoving a Mexican flag in her face, spitting on her, pelting her with eggs
and in general committing what appeared to be felony assault (as police looked on and did nothing).  Soooo brave of those men.

Now I have no strong feelings about Donald Trump one way or the other.  I also do not harbor xenophobic views about Mexicans, and, in fact, have no particular opinions about them one way or the other either, since generalizing about an entire group seems illogical.  Besides, I know virtually nothing about Mexico after the reign of the Emperor Maximillian.  So there’s no factual basis for me to have any opinion about the country or its citizens.

Since the rioters were waving Mexican flags it seems reasonable to assume they were Mexican.  So my question is; what would happen if a crowd of Americans, under the American flag, rioted in Mexico, burned the Mexican flag and violently assaulted Mexican citizens while trying to disrupt a Mexican presidential candidate’s campaign rally?  There’d be hell to pay and those rioters would not be treated gently.  They’d get their butts beaten is my guess.

What about the media’s coverage of the assaults?  Oh the media whores seemed to think it was entirely appropriate.  One self-identified latina commentator opining on a talk show discussing the incident, said that waving the Mexican flag was just the rioters’ way of showing their latino pride.  No kidding.  Violently assaulting and degrading a woman for having the temerity to attend a Donald Trump rally, while waving a foreign flag and burning ours, on our soil, was “their way of showing their latino pride”.   (And the ever-so-cosmopolitan media wonders why the American public dislikes them so much.)

Aside from the question of what Mexicans would do if the roles in this incident were reversed, what’s the root of the obvious media bias against Trump and Bernie?   Hmmm, what could it be?  Oh, right– media providers of “news” coverage are mostly owned by large corporations.  Bernie won’t peddle his ass to them.  Donald Trump won’t be controlled by them.  They’re pretty sure that Hillary can be bought for the equivalent of a chicken dinner.  What’s the ROI on a quarter million bucks to purchase an unscrupulous pol who will run interference for those corporations?

End of conversation.

Body Language–Bernie, the Donald & Hillary

It’s instructive to watch people in unguarded moments. In the past couple of weeks I’ve seen all three remaining presidential candidates react to protesters who were attempting to get at each of them. All three exhibited an initial startle response but their secondary responses were telling with respect to their personalities.

Bernie’s, body language was kind of, like, “Hey! D’ya mind?  I’m workin‘ here.”

The Donald’s body language was to shift into a fighter’s mode, ready to smack whomever was threatening, while glaring and looking around to locate the source of the aggression.

Hillary?  She cowered, hunched her shoulders, clutched her arms in front of her and came as close to curling up into the fetal position as is possible while remaining standing.

So Bernie stayed focused on what he was doing and the Donald was knee-jerked by his personality into a fighting mode.

Hillary cowered. That ain’t tough, that’s weak, timid and fearful, which is what she is deep down inside.  She did more or less the same thing on camera once when she and Bill were being interviewed.  Something on the set came crashing down with a bang.  She cowered into Bill’s arms.  That’s not what a leader does.

It didn’t take much for each of the three to reveal their inner selves.

Now I would dearly love to have a woman president–just not a timid, weak, fearful one.  Hillary’s whole “baby steps” default philosophy is so at odds with our demonstrable national character that why people can’t seem to see through her loud bluster is a real mystery .  Jeez, she didn’t even have the onions (or as Stephen Colbert calls them, lady balls”) to kick her perv husband to the curb after he humiliated her so very, very publicly.  She just sank her carefully groomed little claws more firmly into his coattails and hung on for dear life.

She’s done that all along no matter what, um, effluvia ol’ Slick Willie kicked in her face.  It’s pathetic.

The Donald seems way too flighty and easily provoked to be able to withstand the temptation to squash opposition at the slightest instigation if he had the means at hand–like, say, the nuclear button.  Plus, he just can’t control his mouth and has made it clear he’s not even gonna try.  I don’t think I’d want to have to take the consequences of what that mouth and temper might get us all into.  (Gee Mr. President, all David Cameron did was say you weren’t the sharpest tack in the box.  Didja have to nuke London over it?”)

Hillary?  Well, she’s timid and fearful.  Don’t mistake a loud mouth for toughness.  Those are not the qualities needed to lead a fractious, exuberant and frisky nation of 310 million souls. We’re not timid as a people. We’re bold.  We race headlong into the future, doing awesome stuff along the way (and of course, sometimes, not-so-awesome stuff).  We are not a “baby steps” kind of folk. And we don’t want to be either.  Do we?

There’s only one decent human being left in the presidential race–one whose entire adult life has been spent pursuing social and economic justice for all. Bernie.  It says a lot that the media seems determined to get him out of the picture as quickly as possible.  It says a lot that so many are willing to go along with it.

The Donald or Hillary?  Sigh.  If so, I’m gonna need some ear plugs.  We all are.