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U.S. Women Seem Too Emotionally Frail for the Workplace

Apparently American women are entirely too weak and emotionally frail for a workplace with men in it.  To borrow a phrase a lawyer on TV used, too many women seem to be emotional hemophiliacs.  Maybe they’re just too fragile to roll with the ups and downs of every day normal life.  Here’s a tip, ladies.  The constitution guarantees you certain rights.  NOT among them is a right to get through life without being offended or insulted.  It happens.  And when it does, you should stop expecting the rest of us to drop everything and purge whatever little thorn is in your side from society as a whole.

Ladies–learn to take care of yourselves.  The rest of us are busy.  If you can’t handle that simple chore, stay home.  Your delicate sensibilities are a pain in the ass.  Grow up.   Toughen up.

The histrionics of young women reporters having the vapors over men stealing a kiss or making a pass are an embarrassment to our gender. And they cheapen the real trauma suffered by victims of genuine sexual assault.   If their psyches are so delicate that they run screaming into the night when a guy makes a crude joke, then they should stay home.   If, like one of the women accusing Roy Moore, they are still sobbing forty years later because “I thought he was going to rape me” that is just ridiculous.  He didn’t.  Forty years is ample time to get over the “trauma”.

That girl could have just learned the lesson that a young woman needs to watch her step around men and simply have been more careful in the future.  I’m not victim blaming here, just saying that, on the scale of horror, a man putting your hand on his dick is just not that bad.  Icky if ya don’t see it coming, but not horrific.

In the first place, you may not like the truth but the fact of the matter is that forty years ago it was not unheard of in the South for 14 year old girls to be sexually active. It’s sad to know that back then being sexually attractive was for many young rural girls the sole bargaining chip in trying to obtain any measure of social power or standing.

When reporter Katie Tur whined about how accusations of Roy Moore’s sexual harassment were “truly horrific” I wanted to throw up!  No, Ms. Tur, they are icky and gross.  But those acts are definitely not “horrific”.

Would you like to know what “truly horrific” is Ms. Tur? It’s a Mayan woman in rural Florida forced into prostitution. She was found by law enforcement bent over in an agricultural field, skirt pulled up, with a pimp charging two bucks apiece to rape her from behind. The Mayan men were lined up for their turn.  There wasn’t even an arrest, the cops just broke it up.  No “witnesses” would testify.

Would you like to know what “truly horrific” is Ms. Tur? It’s a Mayan woman selling her daughters into prostitution in a hellish trailer with no running water, electricity or toilet.  Yeah, that really happened.  Except those probably weren’t her daughters, more likely they were young girls who’d been trafficked.

Would you like to know what “truly horrific” is?  It’s a guy beating the crap out of a woman or young girl because she said “no”.   It’s a guy sticking a knife in a woman or young girl because she wouldn’t have sex with him.  It’s a guy pistol whipping a female for not “putting out”.

Would you like to know what “truly horrific” is? It’s a twelve year old pregnant girl who doesn’t speak Spanish or English, only Kanjobal.  How is she going to report what happened to her when her obscure dialect is incomprehensible and she is never going to learn a language with which she can communicate how this happened?

Would you like to know what “truly horrific” is?  It’s a woman in her thirties, living in a garbage dump and having a child by her 15 year old son.

At Thanksgiving dinner a few days ago my male friends and I, all native Floridians, talked about how, back in the day, the term “jail bait” was a joke. Young girls would try out their newly discovered sexual “wow” power before they realized that some men, once aroused, won’t take no for an answer.

Roy Moore’s a creep but what he is alleged to have done is not horrific, it’s icky. What is horrific about him is that he will not uphold the Constitution, that he seeks to force his religion on the rest of us whether we happen to be Christian or not.  What is horrific about him is that he wrote that women should not be permitted to run for office–another constitutional right he would choose not to exercise.

If every guy who ever made a pass, stole a kiss, or made a stupid joke about groping is going to have to leave his job and society and don sackcloth and ashes, well, there aren’t going to be many men in public life.

What is truly horrific is that there is going to be a fierce backlash when men tire of women castigating, complaining and constantly moving the acceptable behavior bar.  It will come when men realize that, no matter how they try to figure out what is and is not appropriate, American women (s0me of them at least) are never going to be satisfied and will just keep on bitching.

They’re like the fisherman’s wife in the old tale.  No matter what she demanded of a magic fish, when he gave it to her she just came up with another demand.  Finally the fish realized there was no pleasing her and took back all the advantages, social positions and stuff he gave her and she found herself back in her original state, poor and powerless.

Keep it in mind you emotionally frail women.  If you can’t handle the normal, everyday irritations and indignities which life inevitably heaps on everyone now and then, well…just stay home.  Because otherwise you are going to make women unemployable.  No one’s going to give someone a job if it means everyone else perpetually has to walk on eggshells lest women’s delicate psyches be even slightly bruised.

No one invited women into the workplace, they banged down the door to get access to upper echelon jobs.  They wanted a place at the table.  The second they got it, women started bitching and moaning about how they didn’t like the table.

Ladies, stop the witchhunt for males who may have stolen a kiss or made a pass.   Enough with the “zero tolerance” crap.   How about a sense of proportion and letting the crime fit the punishment.

What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?




Fired Sexist Google Guy Doesn’t Look Like He Knows Much About Women

Life once again has given me the chuckles.

There was a story making the rounds on the news about a male Google engineer who wrote an incredibly biased email/memo about how and why women are not well represented in STEM (science technology engineering & math) professions.  He got fired for it and seems genuinely clueless about why that might be.

Of course the self appointed expert on women apparently has no education or credible research experience to support his ludicrously ill-informed diatribe.

So just who is this knuckle-dragger anyway?

Photos of the guy, James Damore, 28 have shown up and it seems pretty obvious that he’s not likely to know much abut women. He’s an unattractive pencil necked geeky looking guy who is probably not besieged by adoring women looking to hook up with him.  I suspect he not only doesn’t know much about women but also probably doesn’t even know many women.

So how did this expert on women’s abilities come by his lofty hypothesis about women’s capabilities?  Why just like most ignorant people who insist on pretending to expertise they don’t possess–he pulled it right out of his ass.

Damore’s opining on his ludicrous female stereotypes sounds pretty much like racists opining about why one ethnicity or another is inferior.  Hey, he’s no sexist, he’s just pointing out the obvious–that women are inferior.  Just as white humans simply point out that non-white humans are inferior, or women go on endlessly about supposedly inherent male cluelessness.  Right?

No.  Wrong.  Stereotypical thinking is the antithesis of informed inquiry and/or the scientific method of determining what is and is not true.  It is definitely not science and it is always wrong.  People don’t fit into neat little slots, people’s erroneous thinking does.

But that’s how many racists, sexists, and others who would discriminate against any entire class of people, think.  They think they’re just pointing out the obvious.

I suppose at this point I should launch into a litany of the attributes of pencil-necked geeks but, well, I don’t actually believe in stereotypes.



Mr. Trump, Please STFU About Celebrity Apprentice

Trump has been right about a lot of things.  Unlike many people protesting
the travel ban, he remembers that 19 dirtbags with box cutters killed about
3,000 people and brought our economy to a grinding halt.  (Possibly he
remembers because the ringleader spent his last night on the planet swilling champagne just a few minutes and miles from Mar-a-Lago.  Twelve of the 19 lived in Palm Beach County!)  Those rat bastards brought down some very expensive buildings and cost us all a bundle including cash for two huge new federal bureaucracies–TSA and Homeland Security–which we’ll be paying for until the end of time.  They cost us many lives in the wars which resulted.

Trump realizes they made air travel a misery to be borne, not enjoyed and caused us to lose our freedom forever through the Patriot Act, among other fallout from, and consequences of, the actions of 19 foreigners we let into our country without any vetting.

When Trump made his untoward remarks about people coming across the
border from Mexico, he was just repeating what the media had been telling
us for years.  That is, that illegal immigration was a dangerous business
where women and children were often raped or trafficked, where people
were murdered, robbed, and otherwise terribly abused.  When the media
said it, it was okay, but when Trump said it, well that was cause for outrage.
(Nowadays, what isn’t for the media?  Outrage sells and the media flacks
pump it and dump it like a damn penny stock swindler selling worthless

Trump’s right about limiting guest workers.  The big tech companies prefer
them to our own homegrown IT developers and engineers for one reason
only.  They come cheap compared to American employees.  They’re bad for
American workers.

That said, Trump seems far more interested in Celebrity Apprentice than the

For Pete’s sake Trump wouldja just STFU about Celebrity Apprentice!  It
was a banal, puerile and silly show.  I tried to watch it twice and couldn’t
get through ten minutes.  It’s the mortifying equivalent of Ronald Reagan’s movie “Bonzo Goes to Washington”.   Yeah, we’ve all done embarrassing things.  But most people don’t glory in those moments or brag endlessly about them to the whole world.

So, please, Trump–stop embarrassing yourself and us.  Cut it out. We don’t
want to hear it!  Stop making the rest of the world worry that the most
powerful man on the planet is treating the presidency of the United States
like a second job.  Celebrity Apprentice is not your day job anymore. Your constant obsessing over it makes you a ridiculous figure everywhere in the world.  Do you actually enjoy playing the buffoon?  Do it on your own time please, not as president.

As my dad used to say, “straighten up and fly right”.   Start acting like a
serious person who can distinguish between the relative importance of a
silly reality TV show and the presidency of the most powerful country in the

Just STFU about Celebrity Apprentice!


It’s How We Do

So I see that Millennials’ parents–the Boomers–are supposedly disappointed in that new-ish generation. Not sure exactly why, but, uhhh, haven’t the Boomers forgotten something?  Their parents weren’t just disappointed in them, they were aghast at their behavior, their appearance, their wild “drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll” zeitgeist. And, BTW, what about the post-depression generation between the Greatest Generation and the Boomers–the generation which didn’t get a catchy appellation.  Let’s not forget, they put a man on the moon.  Which feat humans have been dreaming about since they looked up into the sky. That quiet, serious group outshone all the other three (greatest generation, boomers, millennials) combined.  Nobody’s talking about them at all. (Say, what ever happened to the Gen-Xers?  They’re not on anyone’s radar screen anymore.)

But let’s get back to the the history of Boomers v. Millennials.  The Greatest Generation men, the Boomers’ dads, having saved Europe from the Nazis in WWII, came home exhausted and ready to resume life as they had expected it to be.  Maybe go fishin’.  Have a brewski and watch the new phenomenon, TV. Then they had to go fight the Korean War and after that they were really worn out.  They just wanted to find their mates, have kids, maybe go to college or get a job in a factory.  Whatever.  Just live a quiet life. So how are we to account for the off-the-rails-to-their-parents’-way-of-thinking Boomers?

Possibly the Greatest Generation wasn’t as strict as their parents had been. Whatever the reason, they thought things would just automatically go back to the way they were before WWII, but somewhere between 1950 and 1968, while the Greats were relaxing, the Boomers slipped their cultural leashes and headed for terra incognita.

Women, having tasted freedom and power–albeit limited–and taken up the slack when the men went overseas for the wars, having built battleships, and everything else needed to prosecute a massive war effort, having become the de facto heads of households for a few years, began questioning their previous second class citizen roles.  (Don’t forget, most of those ladies were born when women couldn’t even vote!)  Then the Boomer kids grew up and went bats–t crazy, according to the way the Greatest Generation looked at it.

What’s with the long hair?  That awful music?  Their sons, as they loudly lamented, looked like girls.  (That’s despite men having worn their hair long for a very significant part of homo sapiens‘ run as the apex of evolution.)  Their daughters were even worse.  Running around with their nips showing.  Ack! Shacking up with those dirty hippy boys that looked like girls.  Playing unladylike sports.  Competing against men for heaven’s sake!  Appalling.  Incomprehensible!

So, compared to how horrified the Greatest Generation was at the booming Boomers, it sure seems like the Millennials have been far less offensive to their parents’ generation than their parents’ generation was to Millennials’ grandparents’ generation.

It’s the job of each younger generation to drag the stodgy, tired,
worn-out-from-raising-their-kids-and-life-in-general generation, forward.  And it’s the stodgy older generation’s job to keep the frisky younger folks from dragging us all over a cliff with their inexperience and forward-thinking, woo hoo, let’s try something new, approach to life.

So, Millennials, just ignore the criticism.  Tell the whining Boomers to zip it. Proceed on your path. All you’ve done is be disappointing. That seems like a huge step up from being appalling as your parents were to their parents.  You go Millennials.  Enjoy your carefree (relative term) time.  Life will smack you in the gut soon enough.  And you, Boomers–give it a rest with the revisionist history wouldja?  You were a royal pain in the ass to your folks too.  That’s just how the world of homo sapiens works.  It’s not new.  As a species, it’s how we do.

What would Jesus say?  Hey, those snowboards and skateboards look like fun! Lemme try one.



I heard an interesting phrase on the History Channel yesterday.  No not “extraterrestrial technology helped put man on the moon”.  It was “professional malcontent”.  The reference was to Marat, in a program about the French Revolution.  But, always looking for new economic niches into which I might fit for financial gain, it piqued my interest.  It sounds like a new career opportunity.

Hmmm, could I do this?  Could I be a professional malcontent?  Why sure.  I’m already prickly at the best of times and a few extra cups of coffee could ramp that up into malcontent range.  Surely I could snap and snarl with the best of ‘em, and there’s no shortage of things about which to be genuinely aggrieved either.  Income disparity, government corruption and incompetence, the many abuses of big corporations, a congress which is openly on the auction block, air pollution, water pollution, misuse of tax dollars, the Kardashians, people who leave shopping carts in the parking lots at the grocery store instead of returning them.  The list is endless.

But first, some market research might be a good thing.  Is the field already vertically and horizontally saturated?  Uh oh.  The fly in the ointment rears its ugly head, not to mix metaphors.  Seems as though there are an awful lot of malcontents, and they are the one percent, so obviously their crabbiness would supersede my pitiful little nobody complaints.

The one percent has a lot to be discontented about.  First, too much can never be enough for these greedy bastards.  (The phrases “too much is never enough” and “greedy bastards” are borrowed from Ottis G. Wilson III and Dylan Ratigan.  Thanks, guys, I couldn’t have said it better!)  And second, they have to listen to a lot of whining by the 99% about such nonsense as “income disparity” “poor people” “foreclosure” blah, blah, blah.

There doesn’t seem to be any popular understanding of the suffering the 1% endures, although that group complains loudly and often enough.  They have an itch that can’t be scratched.  No matter what they can never be satisfied.  And the 99% seems to have become bent on resisting the 1%’s need to pursue ever more stuff, more power, more wealth, more, more, more.  Yes, the 1%’s unhappy state is misunderstood by an insufficiently reverent rabble.  The 1%’s hair shirt is the un-slakable greed that haunts them day and night, 24/7/365.  They can never get surcease from that demon greed which drives them like slaves.  The world gives them no sympathy just because they’ve ruined things for everyone else and disposed of the ethical and moral infrastructure which any civil society needs to continue to function.

Everything can’t be regulated by laws, there has to come a point where there are societally agreed upon restraints to certain behaviors.  That’s what that whole “social contract” thing is about, you spoiled and unbelievably selfish 1%.  But those restraints have gotten in the way of the greedy bastards who want everything while paying back next to nothing.

What do they suppose will happen when their unremitting and overriding greed finally causes the collapse of the foolishly interdependent world economy?  Their eternal complaining that they might possibly have to share their toys with others misses the point that, they can’t get along without the rabble and the rabble isn’t going to let them take everything.  They will pull down their house of cards and everyone else’s as well.

And they are such great malcontents that they even hire people to complain for them–professional malcontents.  (That’s called Fox News, or, as I call it, Faux News.)  Their attorneys, toadies, apparatchiks and hirelings in the media, corporate world and government, cry freedom for them.  That’s another benefit of being über wealthy–ya don’t even have to do your own bitching, ya can hire people–professional malcontents– to do it.

Maybe I’m not ready for prime time malcontenthood.  Even as cranky a disposition as mine would not be able to compete in the rarefied atmosphere of entitled discontent wherein dwell the 1%.  They’ve got it all, or almost all, and it’s still not enough.

Take a look at the Koch brothers, the poster boys for all 1%  malcontents.  They’re already gazillionaires and still want more, more, more, and they have a whole army of people to do their bitching and moaning and feeling sorry for themselves for them, leaving them free to  apply themselves to grinding everyone else down into the dirt.  They’re the epitome of malcontents.  No way could I compete at that level.

If I can’t be among the best at something, I tend not to do it.  So I guess being a professional malcontent is out.  There’s no way I could beat the 1% at their pathetic game.

And back to the original source of the “professional malcontent” term.  Marat wound up dead in his bathtub.  The rabble, as often happens when people are pushed too far, became totally irrational and the Reign of Terror, guided by the fine hand and silver tongue of Robespierre, the great orator known as “the incorruptible,” ensued.  The rabble turned on him as it always does on its leaders, and he ended with his jaw shattered, unable to speak, and lost his head to the guillotine.  And the 1% of his time?  Oh they lost everything, including their heads, when the rabble finally realized, there are a lot more 99 percenters than there are one percenters.

Keep it in mind you everlastingly dissatisfied greedy bastards.

Correction & Apology

In my most recent post I referred to Stephen Colbert as “fact checker extraordinaire”.  That was wrong of me and I sincerely apologize to Mr. Colbert.  I should have said “fact non-checker extraordinaire”.  Mr. Colbert has made it quite clear on his show that he wishes in no way to be associated with facts.  I’ve seen his attorney on the show.  I’ve seen smiles like his attorney’s on other predators.  My fear is that the aforementioned attorney, Potter somebody or other, could easily  sink his fangs into my throat and rip out something useful, such as a carotid arterry.  Hence the apology.  I promise I  won’t ever again imply that Mr. Colbert is in any way a purveyor of fact-based information.

Please forgive any implication contained in my blog of 9/13/2011 that Mr. Colbert does, has, or may in the future, be associated in any way with “facts”.


Lighten Up!

Since when did the humor impaired take over?  Talk about the constitution all ya want but there’s nothing in it that guarantees an unoffended life.  I’ve read it.  There’s not a word in it about offensiveness, either pro or con.  But nowadays, when people happen to disagree with someone, instead of logical refutation or debate, the catch-all show-stopper phrase is “that’s offensive”.  To which I generally reply, “So what?” or possibly, “Zip it!” or, in the words of one of the adorable “South Park” tykes “Don’t care”.  Or, if I’m offended by them being offended, perhaps just, “Idiot!”.  While that’s decidedly uncivil, and, far worse, lacking in creativity, if someone’s going to be offended anyway–by relatively innocuous comments–why not give them something to be offended about?  (That’s a variant of my Dad’s typical observation, when, rarely, one of his kids cried, to “cut it out or I could give you something to cry about”.  Dad didn’t care for whiners.)

Now I’m not talking about truly offensive and hurtful comments such as racial epithets, vicious misogynistic remarks, homophobic rants, or anything such as that.  Clearly decent folk should try to refrain from really hurting others.  Gratuitous cruelty isn’t funny, or acceptable or ever appropriate.  But when people get too prissy and all on their high horse about harmless humor or obtuse, clueless observations, then it’s time to bring the hammer–or the bon mots–down.  Then let the sarcasm fly and mock the puffery to a fare-thee-well.  Pretentious sanctimony should always be met, in my opinion, with barbed wit, stinging humor and/or insensitive remarks that let some air out of the overly inflated egos which demand that everyone tiptoe around on eggshells rather than have them possibly suffer a single moment of  discomfiture.

How come everybody’s so touchy these days anyway?  God forbid that someone makes a sarcastic remark or says something politically incorrect.  Oh, the horror.  The horror.  And the more everyone tries to cater to these suddenly delicate sensibilities, the less willing to roll with the verbal punches everyone becomes.  It’s almost as if there are a lot of people out there who are determined to be offended no matter what.  So, since there’s no pleasing them, please yourselves and let fly with speech which is bound to to grate on those overly raw nerve endings.  It can be amusing to watch the huffing and puffing when someone who’s clearly a humorless prig gets a small dose of reality.   Suck it up weenies, el mundo es duro.

(Note:  Atheists, skip the next two paragraphs.  They’re offensive and insensitive to your non-beliefs.)  Clearly we have become far too demanding in our expectations of what’s acceptable.  This isn’t just anecdotal evidence.  Nope, we are just too critical.  There’s empirical evidence supporting this claim.  Like most people, I get my news from “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report”.  Fabled journalist and fact checker extraordinaire, Stephen Colbert, reported on his show that a recent poll showed God’s approval rate at a dismal 52%.  God, for heaven’s sake!  God gets an “F”?  Yikes.  If God can’t cut the mustard then what’s the chance that far less perfect humans can?

And what, exactly, is the basis for God’s low poll numbers?  Pestilence?  Famine?  Floods?  Hurricanes?  Earthquakes?  My guess would be poor PR.  Yes, God needs to re-brand.  Get a marketing guru on his case, to cast those unfortunate design flaws in a more favorable light.  Maybe He should re-think all that “vengeance shall be mine” talk too.  Way too harsh–might hurt someone’s feelings.  And those ten commandments!  Gee, they seem so, well, intolerant, of our poor, poor, pitiful frailties.  So rigorous.  So unequivocal.  Couldn’t we be graded on a curve or something?

What’s the solution to this tedious desire to sanitize all human interaction?  Other than not communicating at all–and there are some pluses to that notion–we are just going to have to suck it up and sulk in solitude when we’re insulted at the drop of a hat.  The next time someone says “that’s offensive” if you can’t bring yourself to make a snappy comeback, just snort in disgust and stalk off.  Stop reinforcing the manipulative ploy that is “that’s offensive”.  Give it a rest, willya?  Forget the notion that the world is supposed to succumb to ever more stringent demands for bland inoffensiveness.

And double down on that when it comes to the governing of ourselves.  Do we really want to continue the trend of intense peer pressure demanding that the U.S. become a government of the inoffensive by the inoffensive, for the inoffensive?   Because that will surely be followed, and probably in fairly short order, by a government of the most aggressive, by the most aggressive and for the most aggressive.  That’s something weenie peer pressure isn’t going to be able to change easily.  And that’s offensive.